Larson Electronics’ Announces Production of Wheeled Extendable Hazardous Area Light Tower

Larson Electronics’ has announced that it will be producing a new line of light towers designed to improve ease of deployment and fixture mobility. Rated Class 1, Division 2 for use in hazardous locations, the HAL-2X400MCE extendable light tower incorporates an innovative tilting base design that allows operators to safely extend the unit to its full height with less effort than usually needed with traditional towers.  Two 400 watt metal halide lamps provide 50,000 square feet of coverage and the wheeled tower base allows users to easily move this fixture about the workplace.

Equipped with two metal halide lamps mounted to an aluminum frame, the HAL-2X400MCE extendable wheeled light tower from is capable of illuminating 50,000 square feet of workspace. Rated Class 1, Division 2, this hazardous location light tower can be extended to 8 feet for maximum coverage and collapsed to 5 feet for easy transport. An innovative tilting base design allows the user to tilt the unit back while extending the tower to its full height, set the lock pin, and then tilt it fully upright for secure placement. This tilt and extend system allows operators to extend the unit without having to deal with lifting the full weight of the light heads while trying to extend the tower and set the lock pin at the same time. The 39 inch by 35 inch wheeled base provides full stability when deployed to its full height, yet still allows the user to simply roll the unit into the desired position in the workspace.  The two metal halide lamps on these units include multi-tap ballasts, allowing the unit to be configured for use with current ranging from 110VAC to 277 VAC using jumpers. The lamps are encased in powder coated assemblies with tempered glass lenses for durability while the aluminum tripod system is constructed of non-sparking, powder coated aluminum for strength and light weight. Anti static tires and 50 feet of yellow SOOW, abrasive and oil resistant cord terminating in an ECP 1523 Class 1 Division 1 explosion proof straight blade plug rounds out these units’ protective features. This light tower is UL approved for marine and wet environments and suitable for use in open areas where flammable gases ad vapors may occasionally be encountered.

“We have designed this mounting solution to make it easier for the operator to deploy, collapse and move our explosion proof and hazardous location lighting,” said Rob Bresnahan with Larson Electronics’  “Typically, the lighting payload at the top of the tripods is more than 50 pounds, which can make it difficult to elevate.  With our HAL-2X400MCE model, operators can lean the tripod mast over on to the support upright, position the lights and the elevation of the mast and then raise it into position.  The light head can also be removed and stored separately on the base, making it easy and safe for the operator to pull the light tower behind him.”

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