LBX Team Building For Charity; 10 Children Get a Christmas Bike

On Wednesday, December 9, LBX Company in Lexington, KY conducted a unique all-staff teambuilding event which resulted in the donation of 10 children’s bicycles to the Lexington Fraternal Order of Firefighter’s “Firefighter’s Toy Program.”

LBX’s “BikeBuild4Charity” was held at the LBX Company’s corporate headquarters at 2004 Buck Lane, Lexington, KY. All 61 of LBX’s employees were assigned to one of 10 teams participated in a series of challenges that required employees to work across departmental lines to be the first team to properly build a bicycle. All teams were required to complete the BikeBuild, but the winning team with the fastest time won a prize. However, all employees are winners. The completed bikes were presented to representatives of the Toy Program who were on hand with a fire truck to accept the donation in front of the building.

Team Speeder -- First Place
Team Speeder -- First Place

“We are so pleased to be able to take a teambuilding event up to another level that results in a benefit not only to staff, but to the Lexington community at a time when help is really needed,” says Amy Maddox, Marketing Communications Manager for LBX. “We are grateful to Pedal Power for their contributions of time and materials that will ensure this event is a success for everyone.”

“We are excited to extend our commitment to the health of the community by partnering with LBX to get more kids on more bikes,” said Billy Yates, owner of Pedal Power.

“The Lexington Fraternal Order of Firefighters is grateful to LBX and the Lexington community for their continued support of the Firefighter Toy Program. The donation of bicycles from LBX will make a few of our more than 1,800 children very happy on Christmas morning,” said Firefighter Nicholas Newman, President, Lexington Fraternal Order of Firefighters.

LBX employees donating bikes to the Lexington,KY Fire Dept.
LBX employees donating bikes to the Lexington,KY Fire Dept.

Pedal Power Bike Shop has been an independent bicycle shop in downtown Lexington since 1973. That is more than thirty-five years of putting smiles on the faces of kids, college students, recreational riders and retirees. If you have a bicycle, need a bicycle or just know someone who does, we are the shop for you.

The Lexington Fraternal Order of Firefighters is a non-profit organization committed to helping the Lexington community and fostering the brotherhood of firefighters of the Lexington Fire Department. The Lexington Fraternal Order of Firefighters, in partnership with the Lexington Fire Department, sponsors the annual Firefighter Toy Program, which is in its 78th year of providing joy to those in need during the holiday season.


  • Your team’s goal is to properly assemble a bicycle.
  • You do not have all of the parts needed to complete your goal. You must earn the parts by completing a series of Tasks. THE TASKS MAY BE COMPLETED IN ANY ORDER. YOU MAY SKIP AROUND.
  • You do not have all of the tools needed to complete your goal. You will need to check out the tool that you need from the Task Table located by the printer bank on the 2nd floor. There are a limited number of tools, so each team is only able to check ONE TOOL at a time and may keep that tool for only 5 minutes at a time. Any team who keeps a tool checked out for longer than 5 minutes will be assessed a 5 minute penalty PER MINUTE OVERDUE.
  • All tasks must be completed as a team.
  • If you need to travel, you need to travel as a team.
  • If you need to wait in line, you need to wait in line as a team.
  • Your team may be asked questions. These questions must be answered as a team with all parties consulting.
  • When you complete a task, you must place a sticker on your task chart so that Monitors can easily gauge teams’ progress. Your team will not be able to finish the competition until you put stickers on the completed tasks.
  • Your workstation must be NEAT in order to finish the competition.
  • When you feel you may have met the goal of properly assembling your bike, take the bike and your Task Sheet to the Task Table as a team.
  • Your bike will be checked for proper assembly, your team will be checked for and assessed time penalties (if needed), and the Monitors will check that all Ground Rules were followed.
  • The team completing the goal in the quickest amount of time will be declared the winner.
  • The winner will NOT BE ANNOUNCED until ALL TEAMS have successfully assembled their bicycle.

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