Lincoln Electric Launches the New SAE-300® Engine-Driven Welder for Pipeline Welding Applications

Lincoln Electric has introduced the new SAE-300® engine-driven welder that is specifically designed for pipeline welding as well as construction and maintenance applications.

The new machine features Lincoln’s Dual Continuous Control™ technology, which allows for a welder to adjust two dials on the control panel for a precise setting of both voltage and current. Welders can adjust the arc for a snappy “digging” arc for root and hot passes on pipe with cellulosic electrodes, or for a soft “buttery” arc for pipe welding with low hydrogen electrodes.

The SAE-300 supplies 300 amps of welding power at 60 percent duty cycle with a maximum output of 350 amps. This machine’s capabilities’ allow for an operator to stick weld up to 7/32 inch electrodes and arc gouge with up to 1/4 inch carbons.

The unit is equipped with a 32.7HP Perkins® 404D-22 four cylinder water-cooled diesel engine, which runs at 1800 rpm to ensure smooth, quiet operation with long life. Standard oil pressure, engine temperature and battery charging gauges allow operators to monitor vital engine performance indicators at a glance. The 16 gallon (60.6 liters) fuel tank allows operators to work an extended day without refueling.

The machine’s pure DC generator welding output is produced from a proven rotating armature/field coil system that has been manufactured for many years by Lincoln Electric. The SAE-300 can also be used to power tools, grinders (up to 9 inches) and lights through the machine’s 115 volt AC or 230 volt AC duplex receptacles which supply up to 3,000 watts of auxiliary power.

For a limited time, Lincoln Electric is running a special promotion for buyers of a new SAE-300. With the purchase of a new machine, owners have the opportunity to order a free durable brass nameplate personalized with their name and the unit’s serial number. Instructions on ordering the custom nameplate are in the information packet enclosed with each new SAE-300.

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