LiuGong Presents Two New Skid Steer Loaders

Guangxi, PR China – March 21, 2011 – LiuGong’s new 385A midsize production class skid steer loader is a all-round multipurpose machine for construction site work and powering numerous skid steer attachments. LiuGong’s 365A compact skid steer is a versatile loader and tool carrier suitable for landscaping work and industrial lift & place applications. Both LiuGong 385A and 365A skid steers are on display in LiuGong’s ConExpo presentation, located in the North Hall booth 1041.

The new 82.6-horsepower 385A skid steer is the largest in LiuGong’s loader lineup. A turbo charged Tier 4 interim Yanmar engine powers the 385A skid steer, making it well-suited for transporting heavy materials, relocating soil and demolition work. LiuGong’s 365A compact loader is also featured in the company’s skid steer line, featuring a reliable 67.3 horsepower water-cooled 4-stroke Yanmar engine. Both the 385A and 365A skid steers have industry proven hydrostatic transmissions and offer travel speeds of up to 7.6 mph.

LiuGong’s 365A and 385A skid steer loaders have max dump heights ranging from 7 feet 4 inches to 8 feet, featuring a radial lift path designed for dumping material into truck beds or over retaining walls. The standard level-lift function on both loaders provides stability to the 385A and 365A while transporting palettes of supplies, or loose materials.  The 385A has a rated load of 2,300 pounds and static tipping weight of 4,600 pounds and the 365A has a rated load of 1,750 pounds and static tipping weight of 3,500 pounds. Breakout forces of up to 5,900 pounds allow the loaders to easily dig into mounds of heavy material. LiuGong says the 365A’s cycle time is a 8.7 seconds.

Both LiuGong skid steer models offer 3,000 psi of hydraulic pressure and an auxiliary high flow valve is available for work tools that require additional power with switchable flows from 21 to 31 GPM.

LiuGong’s 385A loader comes with a standard .65 cubic yard, 72 inch wide general purpose straight edge bucket and the 365A includes a .52 cubic yard, 64 inch wide general purpose straight edge bucket. LiuGong’s 385A and 365A skid steers’ quick coupler fit all aftermarket attachments designed for skid steer loaders, including a 4-in-1 bucket, rock bucket, scrap bucket, hydraulic hammer, cold planer, lift boom, auger, pick-up sweeper, and bale spear, among others.

LiuGong’s 385A and 365A operator station includes a ROPS/FOPS deluxe enclosed cab with climate controlled air-conditioning. Both loaders feature AM/FM radios, front window safety interlock, backup alarms, and rotating beacons. Work functions are controlled with the standard dual mechanical operating lever with the familiar H-pattern. Operators in the 385A and 365A are protected by LiuGong’s control safety interlock system that disables operations when the operator is not actively running the skid steer loader.

Model Operating Weight Rated Power Bucket Breakout Force Dump Clearance at Full Height EPA Engine Compliant
385A Skid Steer Loader 7,720 lbs. 82.6 horsepower 5,900 lbs. 8’ Tier 4 interim
365A Skid Steer Loader 6,500 lbs. 67.3 horsepower 4,590 lbs. 7’ 4” Tier 4 interim

LiuGong Machinery Corp., headquartered in Liuzhou, China.

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