Looming 2011 Interim Tier 4 Regulations Speed Need For Information

What will happen when the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) Interim Tier 4 (IT4) regulations go into effect on January 1, 2011? In short, they’ll end up affecting everyone who purchases heavy equipment.

Planning for IT4 is a must if you face any emissions regulations, worksite requirements or bid specifications that affect the types of engines and equipment you can use.

John Deere is responding to the need for information by hosting a free webinar on Wednesday, August 11, at 11am CST or 2pm CST, which will explain what the regulations mean for new equipment and detail the emissions issues affecting existing equipment.

Participants will also learn about the various technologies planned to meet the new standards and the testing and development work behind those approaches. In addition, equipment users who have tested actual IT4 machines will share their insights about the marriage of IT4 engine technology and iron.

Deere engine and emissions expert Joe Mastanduno will host the webinar.

“January 1 will be here soon and being prepared is crucial,” Mastanduno said.

“We’ll give straightforward explanations about what the regulations mean to you and the technology available to help you meet them.”

Prepare yourself for 2011’s IT4 regulations and register today for one of the free sessions on August 11 at http://www.deere.com/construction.

What is a Webinar?

Webinar is short for Web-based seminar that participants can view using their computers. Presenters deliver an interactive presentation via the Internet – the presenter and participants have the ability to give, receive and discuss information from various remote locations.

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