Made in America Week

Think about all the things you use and have that are made in America: your home, our highways roads and bridges, buildings, monuments, infrastructure… the construction industries are “Makers of  America” and among the strongest contributors of making the achievement of the American dream a possibility.

Just in case  you missed it:

It’s Made in America Week at the White House. We are highlighting the workers, farmers, and innovators that make our country great. But there is work to be done. We want to build, create, and grow more products in our country using American labor, American goods, and American grit. President Trump and his Administration are removing the burdens and regulations on American companies so that they can thrive.

ICYMI: President Trump Showcases Made in America products at the White House
On Monday, Made in America Products from all 50 states were displayed throughout the White House. The President, Vice President, Cabinet officials, Members of Congress, and other visitors toured the displays and spoke with the job creators behind the products.
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Vice President Pence Speaks at the 2017 Retail Advocates Summit
Yesterday, Vice President Pence discussed President Trump’s plan to unleash a new era of American opportunity and prosperity to members of the National Retail Federation. Retailers are rightly concerned about taxes, labor, and regulations. The Vice President made clear that the Administration is committed to fighting for them, “The President and I believe we have a responsibility to usher in a new era of jobs, of growth, of opportunity, and prosperity built on American principles — timeless American principles of growth.

Department of the Interior Celebrates Made in America Week
Secretary of Interior Ryan Zinke invited outdoor and recreation businesses to Washington D.C. to showcase products Made in America.
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