Milli’s Tail … a K9’s autobiography

Thought you’d like to know what some people are saying about my autobiography…

From John T

Milli’s Tail: … a K9’s Autobiography

Looking for a dog’s view of the world? Well there’s no greater expert on the subject than Milli, an Odester by the way, whose refreshing autobiography will serve to remind you that a dog’s life can be pretty darn interesting.

Milli, a 95-pound Briard—a handsome breed–is not just any dog, but one with the amazing ability to talk with humans and other critters as well. As she explains at the outset of her autobiography, “I have a story to tell and need you to read it. It’s about me; it’s my tale of terror and triumph. And it’s about my two best friends, Remus another dog like me, and My Greg our human (also and Odester). 

What follows is Milli’s view of the world, an odd one perhaps, but one that will give you an inside view on how Milli thinks. 

Greg Sitek, Milli’s human comes off pretty well in her story, but maybe she’s a bit biased. If you’re a Kindle user and interested on how this furry doll thinks her autobiography is available from Amazon:

Sitek, Greg. Milli’s Tail: … a K9’s Autobiography . Kindle Edition.

From Jeff Winke

I just gave Milli’s book a plug on my FaceBook page:

With today being the Day of the Dog, you may want to read an autobiography of a dog as conveyed by Greg Sitek. The captivating story does capture Milli’s life as she tells it. It is written so well I believe she actually wrote it and not my friend, Greg Sitek!

If you’d like some relaxing reading, I urge you to get Milli’s Tail,