National Demolition Association Publishes ‘High Reach Demolition Machine Guidance Document’

The National Demolition Association has issued a guidance document for high reach demolition machine operators.  The long boom arm on the machine provides for super-high efficiency and safety at sites with structures above three-stories high. The document was prepared by an NDA Work Group studying equipment safety.

The National Demolition Association, in collaboration with the National Federation of Demolition Contractors in the United Kingdom, has produced a guide entitled “High Reach Demolition Machine Guidance Document”  to outline recommended safe work practices for such machines designed to safely dismantle structures greater than three stories high.

The full-color, 14-page booklet was written to promote important discourse regarding the specification of work practices, the manufacture, supply, and use of the machines, and their transportation, loading, and unloading.  The document was designed to be used as an aid in developing a work plan and engineering survey.

Audiences for the document include manufacturers, distributors, transporters, erection crews, and operators. The guide was prepared by an NDA Work Group studying equipment safety, working under the direction of NDA President Raymond Passeno, CIH, CHMM.

The long reach excavator is typically used to reach the upper stories of buildings that are being demolished or structures such as tall smoke stacks.  It allows operators to work further away from falling debris and increases the accuracy of demolition with the use of grapple and crusher attachments.  Excavators with various sized and purposed attachments have replaced the wrecking ball as the primary tool for demolition.

Copies are available at $3.00 each and can be obtained by contacting the National Demolition Association at or by calling 800-541-2412.

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