New Diesel Engine-Driven Big Blue 450 Duo CST From Miller Provides Two Stick/TIG Welders, Generator In A Single Unit

Designed for use in construction, maintenance, pipe welding and general fabrication, the Big Blue® 450 Duo CST takes the industrial credibility of Miller’s CST product line and matches it with the reliability and performance of the Big Blue line of diesel engine-driven welding generators.

Miller Electric Mfg. Co. introduces the new Big Blue® 450 Duo CST, a dual-operator diesel engine-driven welding generator that features two CST 280 Stick/TIG inverters and 12,000 watts of continuous three-phase power in a single unit. Powered by Mitsubishi’s S4L2 4-cylinder diesel engine, the Big Blue 450 Duo CST provides increased productivity by allowing two welders to work off the same machine with two separate welding outputs. The machine offers superior performance on difficult Stick electrodes found in structural steel and fabrication applications, such as E6010, and excellent TIG performance for pipe fabrication and maintenance applications.

This Tier 4i compliant machine operates at a low 1,800 RPM, which reduces fuel use and keeps noise levels up to 10 dBa quieter than other models, improving work site communication and safety. Built within the same footprint as Miller’s industrial engine-driven welding generators, the Big Blue 450 Duo CST is a compact, reliable Stick/TIG welding system that truly allows companies to double productivity with one machine.

Designed for Ease of Operation

Miller’s Big Blue 450 Duo CST features an easy process selector for Stick and TIG applications. Stick welders can further tailor welding output by selecting the type of electrode and whether to weld in a “stiff” setting (more dig/arc force) or a “soft” setting (lower dig/arc force). The system also features Adaptive Hot Start™ for Stick welding applications. This technology increases the output amperage at the start of a weld to help prevent the electrode from sticking and creating an inclusion. Lift-Arc™ technology improves TIG arc starts without the use of high frequency.

In addition to the dual operator weld outputs, the machine offers a number of features that simplify maintenance and operation. This includes a high-efficiency, three-phase rotating-field generator that requires less fuel and horsepower to operate. Built-in thermal overload protection prevents machine damage if the duty cycle is exceeded or if airflow is blocked. The engine is designed to run more than 10,000 hours before its first major overhaul, and the machine offers an easy-to-understand meter maintenance display that reports hours, oil change intervals, high coolant temperature and low oil shutdowns, and a low fuel shutdown that shuts down the system before it runs out of fuel, making restarts easy.

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