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Vermeer HG600E Electric Powered Horizontal Grinder

Vermeer Corporation has introduced the HG6000E electrical powered horizontal grinder, providing wood waste processors with a cleaner and more cost-effective method to process their organic materials.

“Our engineering team spent considerable time working with customers to understand their needs when it came to electrical-powered grinders,” says Chris Nichols, environmental sales manager for Vermeer. “Electrical-powered grinders are in demand due to the significant increase and fluctuation in diesel fuel prices over the past 18-month period.”

The HG6000E is powered by two electric motors that deliver a combined 600-horsepower to the drum. A separate 60-horsepower electric motor powers the hydraulic circuits, while a 2-horsepower motor is dedicated to the hydraulic cooling system. The HG6000E can be equipped to work with either 50 or 60 Hz frequencies.

The HG6000E is available in either a skid or trailer-mount configuration. The skid-mount version is ideal for operations where the grinder will be placed in a permanent location. Customers who require occasional relocation of the unit from one site to another can select the trailer-mount option that features “super single” wheel assemblies providing improved site and transport mobility and increased ground clearance. Both configurations require hard-wire installations.

The Vermeer-exclusive SmartGrind system stops and reverses material from feeding into the patented Duplex Drum when motor amperage draw exceeds an efficient operating range. This helps increase machine and jobsite productivity by reducing operator effort. The feature reduces wear to vital motor and machine components by constantly monitoring amperage levels.

A patented Duplex Drum Series II cutting system offers optimum cutting performance and simplified maintenance. Reversible hammers and cutter blocks offer nearly double the life of single-sided designs.

Feed roller hydraulic down pressure can be applied using the remote control unit. Down pressure aids in feeding difficult material sizes and shapes into the Duplex Drum. The top feed roller pulls material into the grinding chamber or reverses material away from the chamber when prompted. This allows the operator to reverse the feed roller independently of the feed table to reposition irregular material as it enters the hammermill.

A top-loading design allows the operator to change screens easily and in less time than side-loading screens. An innovative design secures the anvil in place but allows for convenient removal for maintenance and/or replacement. This design allows for anvil maintenance to be performed outside of the machine.

Customers can choose either a 14-foot or 20-foot long in-feed table design. Both feature a solid floor and continuous support of the heavy-duty in-feed chain. The formed alloy slat and chain feed table help to improve structural support and wear life.

An optional 48-inch wide “V-cleat” single discharge belt provides a smooth transition of material flow from the belly of the machine to the lead-out, decreasing the likelihood of conveyor plugging.

The thrown object deflector (TOD) is designed to reduce quantity of thrown material debris and the distance it’s thrown to allow operation in smaller and controlled worksites. The TOD can be positioned to reduce interference when loading over-length or bulky material if required.

A multifunction, wireless remote control allows the operator to control most operating functions from a maximum operating distance of 300 feet (91 m). This feature can enhance jobsite productivity by allowing the operator to control machine functions from the loader vehicle while performing other functions.

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