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Volvo Announces New Equipment At World Of Asphalt

Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) was one of the largest exhibitors at the 2009 World of Asphalt in Orlando, FL last week. The exhibit covered nearly 4,300 square feet and featured nine machines, among them two new milling machines, the MT2000 and the MW500. With these machines, Volvo offers equipment for every phase of roadway construction and rehabilitation, from milling and grading, to paving and compaction.

Also on display was the new Volvo L50F mid-size wheel loader, the Volvo L180F wheel loader, the Volvo PF6160 paver, the Volvo G930 motor grader, the Volvo EW210C excavator, and two compaction machines—the Volvo DD118HF and the Volvo DD24.

The Volvo L50F is one of two recent additions to Volvo CE’s F-series wheel loader range (the other one is the L45F). Both were designed and engineered for high performance, with features that include the Volvo patented Torque Parallel (TP) loader linkage, separate working hydraulic pumps or maximum power 100% axle differential locks, the Volvo Care Cab, and long service intervals.

The introduction of the new Volvo F-series loaders began in 2007 with the launching of the Volvo L350F, the largest loader built by Volvo Construction Equipment. It was followed by the other members of the class: The Volvo L60F, Volvo L70F, Volvo L110F, Volvo L120F, Volvo L150F, Volvo L180F, and Volvo L220F. The new Volvo loaders have joined an impressive class of hard-working machines. All are equipped with the Volvo Tier 3-certified engines and are built to lower operating costs.

New Technology On MT2000 Milling Machine
With the introduction of the Volvo MT2000, Volvo Construction Equipment has developed a new class of milling machines for the road development industry. This new half-lane milling machine includes milling performance features from the four-track system to the conveyors and incorporates advanced technology for operator ease. Production of the Volvo MT2000 will begin at the end of 2008, and the new milling machine will be available to the North American market in the second quarter of 2009.

The new Volvo MT2000 is a four-track, front-load, half-lane milling machine powered by a 610-horsepower Tier 3 Cummins engine.

The Volvo MT2000 offers three distinct engine and drum cutting speeds selectable from the operator’s panel. The low-speed selection provides higher torque at a lower engine rpm to power through tough material or deep-cut applications. The high-speed selection is available for maximum travel speed on shallow cutting depths. The standard cutting speed is used to provide maximum horsepower and efficiency at normal cutting depths.

The Volvo MT2000 can run both 78.74-inch and 86.02-inch wide drums. The drum and housing are easily removed together to reduce drum changing time and complexity. The drums are available with weld-on or quick-change tooth holders and fine or standard tooth spacing patterns. Specialty drums are available on request.

The four-track system of the Volvo MT2000 offers innovative features to improve milling performance. Tapered bearings in the track rollers reduce track overheating. Active anti-spin control transfers power from a slipping track to improve traction and provide greater control. Stability control incorporates an independent slope sensor to alert the operator if the machine is out of an acceptable range and adjusts the support leg height to an acceptable range.

The 36-inch wide gathering and discharge conveyors are independently controlled with variable speed adjustment to meet the capacity of the cutting drum. The theoretical capacity of the conveyor system is 1,330 cubic yards per hour. A pressure monitor in the discharge conveyor is designed to slow the machine if necessary to prevent overloading of the conveyor system. Both conveyors are hydraulically tensioned for improved performance and belt life. Each conveyor incorporates a water spray bar for belt cleaning and dust suppression.

The dual operating stations on the Volvo MT2000 have adjustable seats and console storage compartments. The control panels adjust laterally for ergonomic operation. The right hand side platform and stairs provide a secondary access point to the machine and fold away for flush cutting. The Volvo MT2000 includes 14 working lights for work at night.

The Volvo MT2000 incorporates advanced technology with intuitive operator panels that are easy to understand and operate. The backlit membrane switches are color-coded to match the area of function on the machine. Each control panel includes a brightly illuminated display area that allows the operator to view the master control screen or one of the multiple diagnostic screens. Diagnostic screens include in-depth information on the engine, conveyors, hydraulic system, work lights, and grade controls. Performance messages and diagnostic information are displayed in easy-to-understand phrases, rather than codes to aid in troubleshooting. Up to eight different language settings are available for communication.

Four ground control panels are conveniently located at each corner of the machine. The Volvo MT2000 offers mechanical or sonic grade control sensors that can be plugged into any of six ground locations. A slope sensor is a standard feature. The grade and sl
ope control panels can be plugged into any of six ground locations, plus a location in the operator control area. A ground crew member has the flexibility to control both sides of the machine, and the front or rear, from one grade and slope control panel. The machine is pre-wired for an optional 30-foot sonic averaging system.

The Volvo MT2000 offers advanced serviceability with a walk-in engine compartment. The engine, hydraulic components, fan and coolers can be easily accessed by the stairs and door to the walk-in engine compartment. The temperature-governed engine fan is also reversible, assisting in cleaning the coolers for improved performance. Decreased noise levels on the ground and at the operator’s ear is a function of the engine compartment design and variable speed engine compartment fan.

Volvo MT2000 features:

  • Three distinct engine and drum cutting speeds selectable from the operator’s panel — an industry first
  • Capability to run both 78.74-inch and 86.02-inch wide drums
  • Four-track system with innovative features to improve milling performance
  • Independently controlled gathering and discharge conveyors with variable speed adjustment to meet cutting drum capacity
  • Dual operating stations with advanced technology in intuitive operator panels
  • Flexibility to control both sides of machine and front or rear from one grade and slope control panel
  • Industry leading serviceability with walk-in engine compartment

New MW500 Utility-Class Milling Machine
Volvo Construction Equipment has developed a new utility-class milling machine for the road development industry with the introduction of the Volvo MW500. Compact in size with maneuverability for smaller milling applications, the four-track MW500 includes advanced technology features for milling performance. Production of the Volvo MW500 will begin at the end of 2008, and the new milling machine is anticipated to be available to the North American market in the second quarter of 2009.

The MW500 is a four-wheel, rear-loading, utility class milling machine that offers a standard cutting width of 19.69 inches Because of its compact size and maneuverability, ideal applications include patching, joints, trenching, and close cutting around street and roadway obstructions.

A Deutz 125-horsepower diesel engine powers the Volvo MW500. Power is transferred via an automatically tensioned belt drive. An independently driven cooling fan is designed to ensure trouble-free operation even at high ambient temperatures. The fan automatically switches on and off as required, for less noise and fuel consumption.

The four-wheel Volvo MW500 has an extremely tight cutting radius of 7.87 inches, which is comparable to many three-wheel machines on the market. The right-rear support leg and wheel can be swivelled inboard for flush cutting. The Volvo MW500 offers all-wheel-drive for optimal traction and features Anti-slip Control (ASC) as standard. Volvo’s patent-pending Line Manager System works in conjunction with the ASC to allow the operator to maintain a constant speed of operation and direction of travel without being adversely affected by the rotation of the milling drum.

The 29.53-inch diameter drum offers a maximum cutting depth of 8.27 inches with a standard cutting width of approximately 20 inches. The Volvo MW500 includes robust, hydraulically raised drum side skirts as a standard feature.

The optional conveyor package includes a quick-disconnect conveyor and hydraulically raised rear moldboard. The conveyor can be adjusted up and down and can swing side to side up to 25 degrees in either direction. The hydraulically raised rear moldboard improves material containment when conveying and raises the conveyor for easy access to the drum and teeth.

The Volvo MW500 has a spacious operator’s platform with an adjustable steering wheel column and control panel for optimal ergonomics. This platform provides the operator a 360-degree view of the working area and excellent visibility to the cutting area. The propel and conveyor joysticks are comfortable and conveniently located for ease of operation. The propel joystick incorporates additional functionality to easily control the raising and lowering of the rear legs to increase jobsite efficiency.

The innovative control panel brings advanced technology to this size class of milling machine. The control panel includes a brightly illuminated display and backlit membrane switches for low-light operations. With automatic depth control and an integrated levelling system, the operator can enter the desired cutting depth and is assured precise milling control. Performance messages and diagnostic information are displayed in common language, rather than codes to aid in troubleshooting.

The Volvo MW500 is designed with serviceability in mind. All daily checkpoints and routine maintenance locations are available via access doors. A swing-out valve block allows superior access inside the engine compartment. A back up raise and transport panel is available for emergency operation.

Volvo MW500 features:

  • Compact size and maneuverability with standard 19.69 inches cutting width
  • Tight 7.87 inch cutting radius comparable to many three-wheel machines
  • All-wheel-drive and standard Anti-slip Control (ASC)
  • Volvo patent-pending Line Manager System to maintain constant speed and travel direction without being adversely affected by milling drum rotation
  • 29.53 inch diameter drum with 8.27 inch maximum cutting depth
  • Optional conveyor package with quick-disconnect conveyor and hydraulically-raised rear moldboard
  • Adjustable steering wheel column and innovative control panel with automatic precision depth control and integrated levelling system

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