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Topcon Announces GRS-1 Hand-held GNSS Rover System

Topcon Positioning System’s (TPS) new GRS-1 (Geodetic Rover System) is the first fully integrated dual-constellation, network-enabled RTK rover system. It is an all-in-one handheld GNSS receiver and field controller with high-speed processor, increased memory, built-in camera, compass and bar code reading function.

Features also integrated into the new system are an SD memory card slot, optional internal GSM or CDMA modem, and wireless connectivity via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology.

The GRS-1 was designed with two primary system design goals: Smaller size and weight, and lower-than-expected cost. According to Mark Contino, vice president of survey and GPS sales, the GRS-1 “packs all the power of a full GPS + GLONASS dual-frequency receiver, cellular modem and Windows PC into a very small, very powerful package.”

Designed primarily as a GPS network rover receiver, the GRS-1 “provides a small, lightweight rover and a price to fit any budget,” he said. “The new receiver has DGPS capability with an internal L1 antenna for GIS and navigation. Add the PGA-1 external antenna and connect to your local GNSS network via the internal modem, and instantly move to dual frequency, dual constellation GNSS centimeter RTK accuracy. The GRS-1 can also be used as a static post processed receiver system.”

The GRS-1 uses the Windows Mobile 6.1 operating system to run TopSURV, Topcon’s popular surveying software. TopSURV 7.2 adds new features and functions that are unique to the GRS-1. The receiver and field controller also has a 3.7-inch, touch screen display and its rugged construction is rated to stand a one meter drop.

In addition to the network rover configuration, the GRS-1 also has an optional RH-1 radio module that can be configured to work with existing Topcon GNSS receiver systems that are already in the market today. The RH-1 is available in digital UHF, spread spectrum and frequency channel scan UHF varieties.

All forms of radio correction that current and legacy Topcon GPS+ systems offer are supported within the RH-1 module of the GRS-1 system. This means that if a customer purchased a previous system from Topcon they can be backwards compatible.

“With the GRS-1 network rover, no additional modem or equipment is needed . . . it’s all built in. The user can access an RTK network for sub-meter to sub-foot mapping. By attaching an easy-to-connect external antenna, centimeter accuracy is instantly achieved,” adds Contino.

World’s first all-in-one, handheld, dual frequency GNSS Receiver and Field Controller

  • Smallest, lightest RTK rover receiver
  • 1cm RTK accuracy
  • Dual-frequency, 72 channel GPS + GLONASS receiver
  • Fastest receiver—100Hz
  • Integrated cell phone (GSM, CDMA)
  • 806MHz XScale Processor
  • Bright, touch screen display
  • Integrated camera & compass
  • Windows Mobile 6.1 Operating System
  • Built-in Bluetooth wireless technology and Wi-Fi connectivity

Features include:

  • GIS High Accuracy module
  • GIS Professional bundles the GIS module with High Accuracy module
  • Imaging Module
  • Easy-to-use graphical interface
  • Topcon GPS+ data processing with direct import from Topcon receivers using Topcon Link
  • Expanded features on Design Module include DTM edits, Advanced layer control, and more
  • Advanced Processing module enhanced
  • Additional background image support (Mr.SID…)
  • Expanded import and export for Autodesk

Neuwaukum Industries Introduces Hard Hat Safety Mirrors At World of Asphalt

Each year, more than 100 workers are killed and over 20,000 are injured in the highway and street construction industry. Vehicles and equipment operating in and around the work zone are involved in over half of the worker fatalities in this industry.

Often these accidents leave tragedy in their wake. On October 18, 1999, Kim Vendl was killed when a dump truck, moving about 5 mph, backed over her without any warning. In response, WAC 296-155-305 was born, which recommends using hardhat mounted rear-view mirrors “to warn and protect…from traffic and equipment approaching from behind.”

Neuwaukum Industries, Inc. (NII), became a front-runner in this campaign to save lives and reduce injuries by introducing the GOBLIN Hard Hat Safety Mirror. Designed for anyone wearing a hard hat, these mirrors expand the wearer’s peripheral vision zone and greatly improve safety in the work zone.

On November 17, 2008, after two years of research and development, NII introduced the GOBLIN Hard Hat Safety Mirror. Designed by a team of award winning engineers, safety specialists, and materials experts, this project grew out of the necessity for “active” safety gear to reduce construction work zone injuries and fatalities.

Currently the methods used to prevent injuries and fatalities, due to run-overs and back-overs, consist of back-up alarms, rear view cameras, safety vests, jersey barriers, and observers. None of these methods give people on the jobsite, in danger, the ability to see for themselves what is going on around and behind them.

GOBLIN Hard Hat Safety Mirrors are a low-cost solution that provides an expanded peripheral vision zone. The added peripheral awareness, up to 180 degrees, gives the wearer an active/offensive advantage over their environment. They are lightweight, adjustable mirrors that clip easily to the brim of most hard hats and do not hinder forward vision. Used in pairs, they stay virtually invisible to wearers until danger approaches. Now, in addition to other passive safety measures, the wearer is actively involved in his/her own safety.

Built to hold up in a tough environment, each GOBLIN is made of industrial-grade, non-conductive plastic. The mirrors are scratch-resistant and tinted to prevent glare. In the event of a hard impact, a unique “breakaway” system allows individual parts of the GOBLIN to safely separate from each other, preventing wearer injury. GOBLIN Hard Hat Safety Mirrors were designed to meet ANSI and Washington Administrative Code 296-155-305 standards.

According to representatives from NII, “ World of Asphalt 2009 was a major success for NII and Goblin Hard Hat Safety Mirrors! The “GoblinEffect” swept through the trade show floor and created believers out of everyone including representatives from DOT’s, OSHA, ARTBA, FHWA, Lane,
Granite, Lafarge, APAC and large construction companies from 16+ other countries…and the list goes on!”

BOMAG Introduces Economizer System At ARA

BOMAG’s exclusive Economizer system helps contractors complete compaction jobs more quickly and effectively, saving time, fuel and money. The Economizer system is a standard feature on the BOMAG BPR100/80D reversible vibratory plate compactor. It is an option on the BPR45/55D series, BPR55/65D and the BPR65/70D.

The Economizer system provides continuous, real-time feedback of soil stiffness by means of an LED display on the engine hood. The display indicates to the operator the level of compaction achieved and also highlights any soft spots in the material. The Economizer consists of a vibration sensor together with a computing and display unit.

This allows jobs to be completed more quickly by avoiding unnecessary pass, reducing More importantly, the Economizer system helps the operator ensure the job is complete. It displays soft spots in the soil, allowing contractors to identify any problems in the sub-grade and make sure the job is done correctly.

BOMAG Introduces BPR100/80D Reversible Vibratory Plate

Completing their offering of reversible plate compactors, BOMAG introduces the BPR100/80D. The largest of BOMAG’s reversible plates, the BPR100/80D is a powerful compactor designed for large projects. It offers contractors a faster working speed and greater compaction force, as well as advanced productivity and control features.

Ideal for work on granular, cohesive and mixed soils, the BPR100/80D features a 14.75-horsepower Hatz air-cooled diesel engine. Its new vibratory exciter design provides a maximum working speed of 88.6 feet per minute, and a gradeability of 35 percent.

Maximum vibration frequency is 3,360 vibrations per minute, and centrifugal force is 22,500 pounds. Both vibration frequency and centrifugal force are easily adjusted using the throttle control. Heavy-duty wear-resistant base plates feature reinforced edges and have a working width of 25 inches.

It also comes standard with BOMAG’s exclusive Economizer system. By detecting soil stiffness, the Economizer system provides an accurate overview of soil compaction status. It allows jobs to be completed more quickly, with up to 25 percent fewer passes, saving fuel costs and reducing machine wear. The Economizer system also helps the operator achieve optimum compaction by avoiding over-compaction and identifying and eliminating soft spots.

The BPR100/80D features a Tip Control system that allows the operator to easily change direction. This provides outstanding operator comfort and ease of handling.

Like all of BOMAG’s reversible plate compactors, the BPR100/80D features a high-strength, grain-refined steel hood that helps protect the engine and all internal components from jobsite and transportation damage. To simplify maintenance, the hood is hinged and swings forward to reveal the entire engine. Large, integral service ports permit access to the most common maintenance points.

For maximum safety and comfort, the BPR100/80D features a steering rod with built-in vibration buffers, which help reduce the amount of vibration transferred to the operator. Additionally, the steering rod is height adjustable to accommodate any operator and is lockable in both the transport and working position.

It also features a fully protected V-belt, lifetime lubricated vibration bearings, reinforced self-adjusting centrifugal clutch, foldable multi-function lifting point and bumper protection.

BOMAG Redesigns 56-Inch Single-Drum Rollers

BOMAG introduces its redesigned BW145-40 Series single-drum vibratory rollers, with improved operator ergonomics, better service point access and a 75-horsepower Tier III-compliant Deutz diesel engine.

With a 56-inch wide working width, the BW145-40 is large enough to handle medium-sized projects like driveways, parking lots and residential and commercial construction. Yet it is small enough to work in confined spaces. Its high centrifugal force and optimized frequency and amplitude ensure maximum versatility on a wide range of materials.

The new roller series includes three models: the BW145D-40 and BW145DH-40 smooth drum rollers and the BW145PDH-40 pad-foot roller. The BW145D-40 and BW145DH-40 are designed for compaction of granular and mixed soils, while the BW145PDH-40 is designed for cohesive and semi-cohesive soils.

With several features that simplify or even eliminate maintenance, the BW145-40 Series rollers are ideal for the rental market. The vertically opening engine hood provides full access to the engine, hydraulics and cooling system, making daily checks simple for the operator and service technician. The BOMAG oil filter system extends oil and filter change intervals to 2,000 hours or two years. The exciter system and brakes are virtually maintenance free.

The vibration-isolated operator’s station has been enhanced with an ergonomically repositioned steering wheel and a new integrated instrument cluster that alerts operators to potential problems with engine oil pressure, engine coolant temperature, hydraulic oil filter restriction, engine air filter restriction, brake control and electrical charge control.

The BW145-40 Series rollers are also easier to control and operate. A single lever controls travel direction, speed and vibration. Steering is efficient and more comfortable and the line of sight has been improved to the rear of each model, ensuring better all-around visibility.

The heavy-duty axle features a self-locking differential to ensure full engine power and traction at all times. In addition, the BW145DH-40 and BW145PDH-40 offer dual travel pumps for enhanced gradeability. Powerful oil-immersed SAHR brakes apply automatically on engine shut down or when emergency stop is activated.

Standard dual amplitude and vibration frequency allow the BW145-40 Series rollers to be customized for different jobsite requirements. All three models deliver frequencies of 2,040 vibrations per minute, while each generates 22,500 pounds of centrifugal force in high amplitude and 11,250 pounds in low amplitude.

The drum exciter system is virtually maintenance free while a centralized electrical panel permits systematic and efficient troubleshooting. The bolt-on design of the oscillating/articulating center joint simplifies replacement, if necessary. Drum vibration buffers can be replaced individually without the need for special tools.

Available options include ROPS cab with heating, air conditioning, work lights, leveling blade (BW145DH-40 and BW145PDH-40 only) and smooth and pad-foot shell kits.

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