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Jobsite Ready Tablet PC From Trimble

Trimble introduced the new Trimble Tablet for Construction at the 2009 Trimble Dimensions User Conference. It’s a rugged, versatile and fully connected handheld computer for heavy and highway and marine construction professionals. The new Trimble Tablet is an integral component of the Trimble Connected Site portfolio of productivity-enhancing technology solutions to streamline construction workflows between the head office, field crews, site supervisors and earthmoving machines. It combines laptop computing capabilities with a large, daylight readable graphics screen and the simplicity and operational power of the Trimble SCS900 Site Controller Software. The new laptop eliminates the need for multiple costly devices on the construction job site.

The Trimble Tablet was designed specifically for the construction jobsite. It is extremely rugged, with an IP67 environmental rating, long battery life and tough washable housing. Its design eliminates the need for a cooling fan and uses solid-state disk drive technology so that it can withstand shock and vibration for operation on an all terrain vehicle or truck, and has fully sealed USB and serial communication ports. Rounded rubberized bumpers protect the tablet and make it easy to hold.

The easy-to-use tablet PC with built-in cellular and WiFi connectivity allows construction professionals to quickly receive design changes or updates in the field and to deliver measurement or stakeout results back to the office for on-the-spot approvals. Connectivity gives field crews the ability to rapidly communicate on site problems, take corrective actions or provide information to the project engineers upon request. Trimble Tablet is at home in the hand, on a rod, in a supervisor’s truck or on a desk in the office, and through advanced office and vehicle docking stations can be moved quickly from one location to the next providing optimized use with computing peripherals such as keyboards, mice and large display monitors.

Trimble Tablet allows users and site assets to stay connected and work faster, improving productivity and thus increasing the return on investment for all assets operating on the site. With instant data access to and from the construction site via the Trimble Connected Community, a Web-based set of networking tools, there is no more delay, cost or loss of production associated with driving data updates from the office to multiple field crews or machines. Through efficient synchronization of information, field crews, site office and head office staff can be kept informed of project progress through a secure, backed up, organized and centralized data management system.

The new Trimble Tablet is an essential component of the vehicle-mounted Trimble Site Supervisor System. When combined with Trimble SCS900 Site Controller Software – Tablet Edition, it empowers site supervisors to better manage decision-making with portable site plans and designs, precise cut/fill information, and real-time GPS positioning accuracy with precise vertical measurement.

Supervisors in highways, site preparation, earthworks, landfill and mining can use the Trimble Tablet running the Trimble SCS900 – Tablet Edition software for:

  • Performing initial site measurement and verification of original ground levels
  • Measuring and locating existing site features
  • Monitoring real-time cut/fill information in a particular location
  • Checking finished grade and laid material thickness against design elevations and tolerances
  • Computing progress and material stockpile volumes
  • Managing, monitoring, and conducting quality control for excavation and grading operations
  • Assessing as-built measurements and generating reports for record keeping, client approvals, and payment purposes

In the office, Trimble Tablet can be used with Trimble Business Center – Heavy Construction Edition software for the preparation of 3D models for site positioning and grade control operations from imported digital design data, and for the management of imported work orders from field crews, for the creation of as builts, construction reports and the computation of progress volumes.

For construction asset management, Trimble Tablet can be equipped with the Trimble Construction Manager software for the tracking, management and monitoring of vehicles, utility machines, earthmoving equipment and other valued assets. Trimble Construction Manager generates reports that help improve operational performance and utilization of assets as well as the management of dispatch, delivery, conformance and maintenance schedules.

For marine construction contractors, Trimble Tablet can be equipped with the Trimble HYDROpro software and used in combination with the SPS family of modular GPS position and heading receivers, and an array of other dedicated sensors for the control and operation of cranes, cutter and suction dredges, barges, piling rigs, rock placement vessels, anchor management tugs and marine survey vessels.

The Trimble Tablet is expected to be available in April 2009 through the Trimble Heavy and Highway Construction distribution network.

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