October, What’s It All About

By Greg Sitek

As we ebb into the fall season of the year, the fourth quarter of 2020, the countdown for the FAST Act extension was at 9 when we received the legendary “stop the presses” because  the House Democrats unveiled a Continuing Resolution (CR) for FY2021, which includes a one-year extension of current surface transportation authorization funding levels. The continuing resolution released by the House today would authorize the transfer of $10.4 billion to the Highway Trust Fund from the general fund for highways and another $3.2 billion for transit.

Obviously no new transportation bill, this instead and  we are waiting to find out what will happen with it as well as several other things. Will we have a new Supreme Court Justice? 

By the time you are reading this some of these issues could be resolved however the main event will still be pending – the 2020 Presidential, Congressional, and local elections. 

My only comment regarding the elections is to encourage you to get out and vote. 

We are still dealing with COVID-19 so please follow the recommended practices and guidelines for both your personal and professional lives. Don’t take unnecessary chances. 

Remember that this will all fade into the category of memories and as it does, we, as an industry, will find that we are facing greater demands and challenges than ever.

Keep your equipment maintained and work-ready. You can be certain the demand will be greater and you know how people are, “everyone wants everything yesterday.” That won’t change. There is much rebuilding, repairing and updating that needs to be done to our infrastructures, industries, institutions and residential world. 

Let’s face it, things have changed and are continuing to change as we get ready for this fourth quarter. While we don’t know what kind of winter, we will face we do know that we will have ice, snow and subzero temperatures. 

Does it matter how many degrees it gets below zero? Not really. Does it matter how many days the thermometer stays below freezing? Not really. 

Does it matter how many inches of snow we get? In this case the answerer is yes because of the fact that the more snow there is the more problems there are to handle. 

The thing about the fourth quarter is that it is a time filled with challenges and celebrations – Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years Eve. 

2020 will go down in history as a challenging year but it will also be remembered as a year achievement…

As you get ready for this fourth quarter reflect, remember what you as a person and we as a people have accomplished in the midst of some of the greatest adversity known to humankind – storms, pandemics, fires, unrest…

Meanwhile, to keep you in touch with what is going on in the industry, Cat Expo Live ran two day in, September. It was Cat’s first North American Virtual Trade Show providing an experience where attendees can self-navigate at their own pace. They were able to visit different products, technology and services booths, have live chats with over 100 Caterpillar product experts, and watch a product demo webcast.   Most of the products showcased have been introduced at shows previously in 2020. 

To visit Cat Expo Live you will need to register to access the show.  Also note that this is only “live” through October 31 and the actual show is Cat Expo Live.



After logging in you will go to the lobby page from there you can visit the main areas of the show which include:

Core Products


 Wheel Loaders

 Skid Steer Loaders



 Motor graders


Specialty, Rental and Used Equipment

 Waste, Forestry, Industrial

 Load & Haul


 Cat Rental Store

 Cat Certified Used

Attachments & UTVs

 Standard Attachments

 SMART Attachments



Services & Support

 Cat Financial



It is definitely a good experience. I collected 86 pieces of literature, brochures during my tour. Besides being informative, it is fun.

This material appeared in the October 2020 issues of the ACP Magazines:

California Builder & EngineerConstructionConstruction DigestConstruction NewsConstructioneer,Dixie ContractorMichigan Contractor & BuilderMidwest ContractorNew England ConstructionPacific Builder & EngineerRocky Mountain ConstructionTexas ContractorWestern Builder