Road Widener Attachments Increase Versatility and Reduce Labor by 50 Percent

Road Widener LLC, a leading global manufacturer of road construction equipment, puts more than 30 years of road construction experience to work manufacturing innovative shoulder maintenance equipment. Founded by two road construction professionals, Road Widener is equipped with the industry know-how to provide the solutions contractors need to increase productivity and safety on the jobsite. Earlier this year, Road Widener showcased the FH-R Material Placement Attachment and the Offset Vibratory Roller Attachment Spray Bar System.

FH-R Material Placement Attachment

The patented Road Widener FH-R Material Placement Attachment provides contractors with 50 percent reduced labor at one-fifth of the cost of traditional self-propelled equipment. Additionally, the remote-controlled design of the attachment allows the operator of the host machine to control the attachment via remote control — enhancing safety by eliminating the danger of additional workers standing along the jobsite. The FH-R is a versatile solution for material placement, precisely dispensing topsoil, gravel, asphalt, limestone and more – all with an attachment compatible with common machines that contractors already own. 

“With the current Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal there is a renewed focus on repairing and reconstructing our nation’s roadways,” said Lynn Marsh, Road Widener President. “Now is the time to modernize our infrastructure, making it safer and more resilient. The FH-R allows contractors to get the job done more quickly and efficiently. Our two-step process eliminates the need for grading and sweeping by placing the material right where it needs to go the first time.”

The remote-controlled attachment easily connects to most skid steers, compact track loaders, road graders, and wheel loaders, operating off the host machine’s engine and hydraulics. It is available in left, right, or dual dispensing configurations to take on any roadway around the world. The attachment streamlines a variety of tasks including backfilling, road widening, road shoulder repairs, remediation and aggregate placement. The material is poured into the hopper at the top of the FH-R and then precisely dispensed via remote control in adjustable lay down widths from 1 to 6 feet. The attachment dispenses up to 20 tons of material in under 10 minutes.

“Our customers often tell us the swift capabilities of the FH-R have a tremendous effect on their business,” Marsh said. “With labor shortages spiking, contractors are often running with a lean crew. However, the demand for infrastructure remediation is only rising. The FH-R helps to solve this challenge by efficiently and precisely laying material with only one operator. Some of our customers can lay up to 5 linear miles a day with our machine, making it truly a gamechanger for any business, no matter the size.”

The FH-R works with standard and high flow hydraulics and has only five grease fittings to maintain. The attachment costs up to 80 percent less than a self-propelled material placement machine. Its low-maintenance, functional design greatly reduces the price tag. 

That savings extends to transportation requirements too. The compact size of the FH-R attachment provides easy transport with a common trailer that is towable by a standard pickup truck. Additionally, the FH-R’s small footprint decreases traffic disturbance and danger on busy highways and narrow backroads. 

Each FH-R includes a one-year warranty.

Offset Vibratory Roller Attachment with Spray Bar System

Road Widener now offers a spray bar system that increases the versatility of their patented Offset Vibratory Roller attachment. This accessory fits on all Offset Vibratory Roller attachments and aids in suppressing dust particles, compacting aggregates, and preventing clumping when rolling hot mix asphalt. It can be easily attached to the Offset Vibratory Roller, a compaction attachment that allows the host machine to drive safely on flat ground while compacting shoulders, ditches, trenches, and other hard-to-reach areas alongside the road. The spray bar system will allow contractors to increase efficiency and versatility when compacting a variety of materials including asphalt, stone, gravel, and topsoil.

“As a company that prides itself in providing unique, profitable solutions, we are always looking for ways to improve our products,” said Marsh. “We’re excited to now offer the spray bar system for the Offset Vibratory Roller. We knew the attachment was capable of many forms of compaction, but it was not until the product reached our customers that we realized its full potential. We listened to their feedback and designed a spray bar system that heightens the capabilities of this already one-of-a-kind product.”

The Offset Vibratory Roller offers contractors unparalleled safety over self-propelled compaction machines that have a greater risk of tipping. The attachment’s offset, patented design allows the host machine to drive safely on flat ground while compacting sloping shoulders, ditches, trenches and other hard-to-reach areas alongside the road. These are tasks that have traditionally put road crews in danger of rollover accidents, increased workers’ comp costs and led to poor safety ratings.

“The United States Department of Transportation’s Road to Zero Deaths initiative is a program we feel strongly about,” Marsh said. “We’ve worked in the road construction industry and know firsthand the challenges and dangers crewmembers are up against each day. This led us to engineer a solution to heighten safety with an offset design. We believe that our Offset Vibratory Roller will help achieve the goal of Moving to Zero because it truly offers incomparable compaction safety.” 

The spray bar system comes with two 7-gallon tanks for each side of the roller and can pair with any-sized water tank that may already be on the host machine. These features all complement the Offset Vibratory Roller that has a total reach of 9 feet and can be purchased with a 2-, 3- or 4-foot-wide drum. The drums can pivot up to 30 degrees, reach up to 30 inches below the mounting point, and are interchangeable. This allows road crews to take on jobs of varying sizes and aggregates by purchasing additional drums instead of investing in multiple self-propelled machines with engines that can fail. Additionally, the vibratory feature operates between 2,500 to 3,500 vibrations per minute for optimal compaction. 

The Offset Vibratory Roller attaches to any host loader, skid steer, compact track loader, or road grader by inserting the host machine’s lift arm pads into the Offset Vibratory Roller’s universal mounting pad. An adapter plate is also available for host machines like compact backhoes and telescopic loaders that may not be readily setup to accept standard attachments. It is compatible with standard and high flow hydraulics. The attachment operates without an engine, powertrain, or any associated parts of its own, which makes for less maintenance than self-propelled machines while also reducing labor.  

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