Tom Ewing’s Regulatory Update

* Nothing to See Here: On the day before Thanksgiving DOT and DOE published an RFI with the hardly-noticeable title “Buy America Request for Information.” Turns out it’s an initial step to reshape the US transportation system! Now that’s pretty bland. “Reshape,” that’s […]

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Tom Ewing’s Environmental Update

Regulators have cranes in their sights

In the past two months agency officials announced a couple of interesting decisions about cranes.  Interesting because cranes are apparently closely monitored by trade officials because of economic security issues.  Most likely, the two issues […]

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Defining “Buy American”

There are a number of questions that the Stimulus Bill raises or perhaps these issues should be termed problems that it creates. One of them is the “Buy American” clause. Jim Owens, Caterpillar CEO, raised the question, as did Senator […]

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