Rent vs Buy, Lifting Equipment

By Charlotte Larin, Marketing Manager, Genie

A key part of any project proposal is equipment costs. As a company budgets for boom, scissor lifts, and telehandlers, or other manually-powered manlifts, they will have to consider what they already own, and whether […]

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The Risks of Not Knowing Who’s On Your Job Site

By Brian Junginger, Construction Litigation Attorney, McInerney & Dillon

The pandemic has driven general contractors (GCs) to diligently record who is at their job sites and headquarters. This primarily includes workers, subcontractors, developers, realtors, and property managers. With so many different […]

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Mine Fatality

On July 28, 2021, a miner was standing on a rock ledge to extract dimensional stone when a triangular section of the rock broke off, causing the miner to fall approximately 35 feet.Best Practices:Use fall protection when a potential fall hazard […]

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