Tom Ewing’s Environmental Update

* Musical science: Harmony. On March 22 EPA and DOT announced reconsideration of the mid-term evaluation of greenhouse gas emissions standards for model year 2022-2025 light duty vehicles. EPA regulates GHG. But DOT’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration sets fuel […]

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Tom Ewing’s Environmental Report

* At the end of August EPA extended, for 30 days, a public comment period seeking information on anaerobic digestion facilities processing wasted food. EPA was seeking insight and info regarding best practices for “sustainable food management programs” which includes […]

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TRIP Reports On America’s Rural Roads

America’s Rural Roads Are Deteriorated And Insufficient To Support Economic Growth And Mobility Demands. Rural Traffic Fatalities Are Three Times Higher Than All Other Roads.
America’s rural heartland is home to approximately 50 million people and its natural resources provide the […]

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