Tensar International Adds RoaDrain™ to Complement Roadway Stabilization Product Range

Tensar negotiates exclusive sales and marketing rights for RoaDrain throughout the Americas

Water in pavement is the primary cause of pavement failure, resulting in maintenance disruption and cost. RoaDrain™ provides excellent drainage and extends pavement life while reducing maintenance costs and improving safety.

Tensar International, the leader in geosynthetic soil reinforcement and stabilization, today announced the addition of RoaDrain to its range of products.

“Tensar has negotiated exclusive sales and marketing rights for RoaDrain throughout the Americas,” said Dean Ditmar, Vice President of Sales at Tensar International. “The RoaDrain product complements our TriAx geogrid products for optimization of roadway sections. At Tensar, we offer innovative, engineered solutions to common construction problems. RoaDrain offers a proven solution to drainage problems below the pavement.”

RoaDrain is a synthetic drainage layer for subsurface applications and has proven high performance below roadways, rail trackbed and other paved areas. It is also a durable geocomposite layer with a sustained high flow capacity. When placed beneath a pavement section, RoaDrain rapidly removes water permeating down through the pavement or up from the subgrade – reducing subgrade degradation and greatly increasing pavement life.

“RoaDrain will be available through our network of distributors across the Americas,” Ditmar said. “With that level of availability backed up by our regional technical sales teams, specifiers and contractors will have great local support.”

About Tensar International

Headquartered in Atlanta, Tensar International is a full-service provider of specialty products and engineering services that offer innovative and cost-effective alternatives to traditional construction methods. Tensar solutions are based on advanced soil reinforcement technologies and incorporate proprietary, engineered applications for commercial, industrial, municipal, residential and transportation infrastructure site development. The company specializes in solutions for common site development challenges, including grade changes requiring retaining walls and poor soil conditions affecting the cost of roadways, parking lots and building structures. Patented, polymeric Tensar® Geogrids are the primary component of the company’s systems, offering reliable strength and durability. Contracted services include site evaluation, conceptual engineering, design, value engineering and installation advice. For more information, visit http://www.tensarcorp.com.

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