Terex® Fuchs Material Handler Work Attachments Designed For Efficiency And Quick Changes

Terex® Fuchs work attachments are purpose built to withstand the demands of scrap, recycling and heavy-duty rehandling applications. With size ranges built specifically for each material handler model, these attachments work in unison with the machine to increase productivity and lifting efficiency.  From cactus grabs to magnet plates to lift hooks, Terex offers a range of options with quick-attach designs, so operators can switch between attachments within a matter of minutes to reduce downtime and increase productivity.

Cactus Grabs

Terex Fuchs Cactus Grabs are solidly built to withstand the rigors of scrap handling and recycling applications. Featuring robust construction and advanced kinematics, these cactus grabs boast high tine-closing forces and hydraulics that are performance-matched to the machine for powerful and precise material handling.

Constructed of high-quality materials and proprietary features, Terex Fuchs Cactus Grabs offer long life in demanding applications for a higher return on investment. The durable grab rotator is an integral part of the upper grab section for reliable operation and simple servicing. Cylinder rods and hydraulic lines are well protected against external damage. Wear-resistant, high-manganese steel tine tips extend attachment life, while HARDOX steel reduces abrasion of grab shell areas subject to wear.

A variety of cactus grab models with capacities from 0.5 to 1.8 yd3 are available to match material handler production capacity and application requirements. An open tine design is available for handling bulky items, while half- or closed-shell tine models excel at handling finely shredded material. Grabs with capacities ranging from 0.5 to 1.0 yd3 can be equipped with a magnet to improve grapple flexibility.

Magnet Plates

Designed for scrap and re-handling applications, Terex Fuchs Electro Magnets exert a powerful field force over the entire diameter of the magnet plate for high handling capacities. Boasting lift forces from 22,480 to 85,427 ft-lb, each magnetic plate is precisely matched to the standard DC generator found on each Terex Fuchs material handler model. Operators control the magnet’s counter excitement through momentary pole reversal, so even the smallest iron pieces immediately drop off.

Terex Fuchs electro magnets are available in hydraulically rotating, rigid and chain suppression plate designs to meet virtually any application. Magnet upper sections are made of a durable special cast alloy, while the magnetic plate features a “dynamo steel” casting with a non-magnetizable cast steel base plate. The plate’s hollow core design reflects heat to regulate operating temperatures.

Magnet diameters range from 37 to 79 in, precisely matching each material handler model. The hydraulically rotating gear is wear-resistant and enclosed in a sealed housing for magnet diameters reaching 49 in.

Lift Hooks

Offering a sturdy design, Terex Fuchs lift hooks deliver high lifting capacities ranging from 10 to 20 t, especially useful in heavy-duty rehandling applications. A full range of lift hooks are available to meet virtually any material handling need. Hook designs are available in standard or quick-change suspensions with either rigid or rotating designs.

Terex Fuchs lift hooks along with the cactus grabs and magnets are available for any model of Terex Fuchs material handler. The full Terex Fuchs product range includes stationary, electric powered, rubber tired and track models. These purpose-built machines excel in demanding scrap, recycling, demolition and port applications. They offer work radii ranging from 26.9 to 72 ft and an elevated cab design to boost material handling efficiency.

More information can be found at www.terex.com.

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