The AED Foundation’s Construction Career Aptitude Test Soon to Launch

The AED Foundation aims to provide a valuable, free online resource to high school students and instructors by preparing to launch its new Construction Career Aptitude Test.

As The AED Foundation (AEDF) continues to address the industry’s skills gap through its Vision 2024 plan, the soon-to-launch Construction Career Aptitude Test aims to help address the workforce shortage starting at the high school level. More specifically, the Construction Career Aptitude Test is designed for students age 13-17 with interest in the equipment industry.

The AED Foundation saw the need for an aptitude test that would allow students the opportunity to see where they stand before committing to an industry program. Students can then make an informed decision on their career path through the industry by identifying their strengths and weaknesses. The Foundation hopes this free aptitude test will offer valuable information that will inspire students to enter a field they are passionate about within the equipment industry.

The purpose of the 50-question Construction Career Aptitude Test is to allow students and instructors to evaluate student knowledge and understanding of the industry from an early age. The AED Foundation hopes to provide this test to help students understand the range of topics typically covered in a program that will help prepare them for their future. Some of these topics include measurement, mechanical reasoning, general mathematics and basic electrical.

Executive Vice President of The AED Foundation, Jason Blake, states, “The Construction Career Aptitude Test offers organizations the first look at students’ understanding of the industry. This test provides in- depth insight and benchmarking data on a student’s starting point that will provide organizations with the knowledge needed to help each student excel.”

The test will be easily accessible online to students through their organization’s login. After completion, results are readily available to the organization for review. Students and instructors can determine the student’s overall test score and scores for each subject category within the test. This data can help instructors determine what topics may prove challenging for each student, taking some of the typical guesswork out of the equation when students first begin a program.

The AED Foundation will continue to develop resources that are beneficial for individuals and the industry as a whole. AEDF is excited to help the next generation of workers meet their career goals while combatting the industry workforce shortage.

Established in 1919, Associated Equipment Distributors (AED) is an international trade association based in Schaumburg, IL, representing over 700 construction equipment distributors, manufacturers and industry- service firms nationwide. AED members sell, service and rent equipment to such markets as heavy and light construction, mining, agriculture, forestry, aggregates, engines and industrial.

Established in 1991 and directed by AED members, The AED Foundation (AEDF) addresses professional education and workforce development in the industry. This includes AEDF Accreditation of diesel- equipment technology college programs and AEDF Recognition of secondary diesel programs.