Partial Listing Of New Products Being Introduced At 2009 ICUEE Show

The following is a partial listing of the new products being introduced during the 2009 ICUEE show in Louisville, KY:

SEECO SENSE® Line Sensors


(Green Product)

SEECO SENSE® current and voltage line sensors provide cost effective transmission line monitoring capabilities.Electrical utilities can now use real time current and voltage data to drive transmission ‘smart-grid’ automation applications. The output information can be transmitted as RMS values through an RTU or used by a SEECO-supplied control logic device that processes the information and opens or closes an associated group operated switch through a motor operator.

Work Trucks Plus by G.W. Anglin Mfg.


(Green Product)

Work Trucks Plus introduces the lightest Aluminum Service Body on the market today. Weighing only 721 lbs the Pro-trade litehas the capacity to store all of your valuable tools and equipment safely and efficently. You will enjoy increased fuel efficency or add more payload the choice is yours. 

: Weighs 45% less than the average steel body.
: Uses 5052-h32 grade aluminum 
: Is 100% recyclable unlike fiberglass
: 10 Year Limitied Warranty


SureCross Wireless I/O

Banner’s SureCross DX80 Wireless I/O includes an integrated battery and sensor power supply, state-of-the-art wireless radio, small I/O card that supports multiple I/O types and a compact wiring enclosure for a comprehensive solution. 
The SureCross Wireless System was designed for both short range on-site and long range off-site applications

ALLU Soil Stabilization System.PNG

ALLU Stabilization System

ALLU Stabilization System remediates contaminated soil and transforms clay, peat, sludge, and other soft soil into solid layers. The system includes two unit ALLU PM Power Mixer and ALLU PF Pressure Feeder. It utilizes dry soil mixing method to strengthen soft soils by mixing it with ALLU PM and simultaneously feeding additives directly to the ground with ALLU PF. It is capable of processing material layers as deep as 16.5 feet and reaches capacities from 39 to 130 cubic meters an hour.


Lowell Hi-Vis Hi-Lite

The Hi-Vis Hi-Lite clips to a Lowell Hi-Vis DoubleShot or a Triple Square Ratcheting Lineman’s Wrench to help workers find and adjust nuts in dark areas. It directs light right to the wrench head and work area and frees both hands for working. Undernormal lighting conditions, the light illuminates areas that are shadowed by the worker and his wrench.

Ditch Witch RT80 Trencher


The Ditch Witch® organization has released the RT80, a utility-based, fully hydrostatic trencher with a compact footprint and an83 gross horsepower (62 kW) turbocharged diesel engine. This combination of size and power gives the RT80 the capability to dig trenches in tight spaces that larger trenchers cannot reach. It performs equally well when digging long, deep trenches, because the RT80’s power is directed straight to the digging attachment.

Altec AC23-95B

Picture 038

Altec’s AC23-95B crane has a 23.5 USt maximum capacity, 95ft boom and optional 44ft two-piece jib (26ft when retracted). Maximum working radius is 90ft, maximum tip height is 148ft with the optional jib. Features: walk through control consoles and three position out-and-down outriggers. An 800lbs capacity, personnel platform, platform test lift package and radio remotecontrols are available. Recessed load block and ball storage is available. Minimum recommended GVW: 50,000lbs


Hands Free’ Wireless Communications for Extreme Noise Conditions

Piratecom’s VL6 is a versatile lightweight, rugged and water resistant wireless hands-free communication system. 

It’s designed tomeet the most demanding communication situations by allowing users to communicate “HANDS FREE” in work groups as easily and clearly as if they were on a conference call; no matter how severe the external noise level! 

We also offer a full line of heavy duty under hard-hat headsets designed for any existing work place radio.

R-O-M Extreme Cargo Tray Series


R-O-M Extreme Cargo Tray series features:

Full-width handle along the entire width of the tray to provide single-handed access. 
Heavy-duty, v-groove sealed bearings won’t bind, for smooth operation. 
Rugged construction, built for longevity with durable 6061-T6 aluminum alloy & corrosion-resistant, zinc-plated hardware. 
Light weight offering fuel savings or additional storage. 
New or retrofit, comes with external or internal mounting options to allow for multiple mounting solutions.

SLRT Cuivre River 034 SLRT Series

Self Loading Reel Trailers from Brooks Brothers Trailers are designed for use in line feed and tensioning work, ground line take up, and one man delivery or pick up of reels. SLRT series trailers operate from a truck’s tool or self-contained hydraulic system, and will handle reels from 36″ to 120″ in diameter. Installable options include a 12″ or 16″ tensioning brake, hydraulic take up/light duty puller and 8″ over spin brake units.

LinePro Series Insulated Line Trucks

(Green Product)

The new LinePro Series multi-purpose line trucks offer a massive increase in function, utilization and return-on-investment! The LinePro Series combines a common boom truck with an integrated, hydraulic-articulated fiberglass arm to allow multiple functions.

newtechlinepro128hapublisherThese functions include:

– 128′-176′ insulated aerial device

– Three-phase 69kV energized conductor support (with bisect angles)

– Single high-voltage conductor support

– Pole setting

– General material handling

Nev-R-Adjust™ Forward Self-Adjusting 10″ & 12″ Electric Brakes

Road hazards can appear without warning. Improperly adjusted trailer brakes can greatly sacrifice stopping distance, potentially putting you and your cargo in harms way. Now there’s no need to worry.

Dexter_Nev-R-Adj_Brake Dexter’s Nev-R-Adjust 10″ & 12″ Electric Brakes:

– Reduce stopping distance

– Eliminate adjustments

– Retrofit to existing axles

Demand better braking for your travels. Demand that your trailer be equipped with Dexter’s Nev-R-Adjust™ brakes.

Stertil-Koni Wireless Mobile Lifts


Stertil-Koni introduces its newest lift …the ALI/ETL certified wireless mobile column lift. With no interconnecting cables & using rechargeable deep cycle marine batteries, the ease of use & functionality of mobile columns lifts has never been greater. Stertil-Koni sells its complete line of ALI/ETL certified heavy duty vehicle lifts, including mobile columns, drive-on platforms, in-ground axle engaging, & 2-post lifts throughout the U.S. and Canada.

DragonFur Nomex Fleece Jacket


True North’s DragonFur™ flame and arc-resistant Nomex® fleece outwear has been well received by the utility, construction and other industries where arc and fire hazards exist. Offering comfort, style, performance and security, DragonFur™ outerwearproducts for the industrial safety market include jackets, vests, pants, hats, gloves and more.

New Products include: Nomex Fleece Hoodie, Flip-Top Mittens, and Women’s Alpha & Exxtreme Jackets.

Liebherr Introduces the LR614 Crawler Loader

LR614 Web size.JPG

The LR614 is a compact, extremely easy to transport machine ideal for the smaller contractor or when working in cramped operating conditions where a full sized loader or excavator would be too large. The combination of hydrostatic drive and Liebherr electronic machine controls ensure the machine responds quickly and precisely to the operator’s demands.

Operating Weight:24,471 – 26,464 lb

Engine Output:101HP

Tip Load:16,751lb

Bucket Capacity: 1.57 – 1.63 yd3

VMT-2 Valve Maintenance Trailer

VMT-2 Jul 09_ 1blue 72 DPIThe VMT-2™ (Valve Maintenance Trailer) with the optional ERV-750™ and TM-7™ onboard is the industry standard for a completely upgradable, versatile platform designed to transport all the valve maintenance and vacuum tools needed in the field. Built for years of reliable service, it’s the perfect solution for municipalities or contractors looking for a rugged, long lasting self-contained system.

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