The Herrick Corporation To Offer Conxtech’s Bi-Axial Structural Steel Building System

ConXtech Space Frame Systems and The Herrick Corporation have reached an agreement which grants Herrick the technology licenses to fabricate and erect buildings utilizing ConXtech’s innovative bi-axial structural steel building system. Herrick, the largest steel fabricator based on the West Coast, is the first licensee of ConXtech’s fabrication and erection technologies under the company’s certified fabricator/erector program.

Herrick is working directly with project teams in multiple market segments to introduce and integrate ConX® steel framing solutions into projects that would otherwise employ a conventional structural steel or concrete structure. They will then fabricate and erect ConX structures. The ConXtech Certified Fabricator/Erector™ Program brings additional capacity and multiple sourcing options for owners, developers, engineers, architects and GC’s who elect to design and build ConX structures. Robert Simmons, CEO/CTO of ConXtech explains, “The building industry has a very high regard for Herrick’s legacy, knowledge and ability to support their customers on many levels. The relationship further establishes Herrick as a technology leader by offering and deploying a more systemized, cost efficient and sustainable structural solution, and we are honored to introduce them as our first ConXtech Certified Fabricator/Erector.”

ConXtech will provide its specialized fixturing equipment and license its fabrication, manufacturing and field assembly processes and technologies to Herrick. In turn, they will purchase the ConX moment frame connector components directly from ConXtech. “Herrick is pleased to be ConXtech’s first certified fabricator/erector,” states Robert Hazleton, Vice President of The Herrick Corporation. Hazleton continues, “The real winners in this relationship are owners and developers that demand value and sustainable business practices throughout design and construction.”

Herrick will initially fabricate and deliver ConX structures out of its Stockton, California facility before expanding to other facilities. ConXtech’s efficient fabrication equipment and processes significantly increase Herrick’s current production capacity and accomplishes this objective utilizing existing manpower and facilities.

ConXtech will continue to focus on becoming a globally recognized building technology company by supporting owners, engineers, architects and general contractors as they adopt the system, rather than growing its internal fabrication capacity to meet future demands. Simmons adds, “As we build our brandand a network of certified fabricators and erectors, process purity ensuring that all of our established structural and quality objectives are met is paramount to the success of every stakeholder. We cannot imagine a more capable first adopter to deploy ConX technology than Herrick.”

To date, the ConX System™ has been integrated into commercial, healthcare, military, high-density residential, educational, and industrial structures. ConX utilizes an innovative “lower and locking™” connection technology which forms a brace-free grid of special moment frames (“SMF”). ConX SMF connections meet special detailing requirements for the most demanding seismic loading as well as the most current U.S. Department of Defense anti-terrorism standards. The ConXL SMF connection has recently been subjected to a battery of successful full-scale destructive tests for both AISC 2010 Seismic Code inclusion and OSHPD (California’s Office of Statewide Healthcare Planning & Development) testing requirements. In July, ConXL was approved by OSHPD for use in California hospital facilities.

“The progressive collapse characteristics inherent in this design make it the system of choice for at-risk facilities. ConXtech’s structural solutions deliver the program flexibility of a moment frame at price levels commonly associated with brace frame systems,” explains Hazleton. In addition to structural robustness, ConXtech’s building systems, components and methods enhance the overall sustainability of a project. Technologies the company has developed are highly efficient when compared to conventional steel fabrication. Time savings; less steel consumed in the overall structure; improved safety; a reduction in rework; and minimal disruption at the work-site are also benefits. Hazleton continues, “ConXtech’s commitment to lean manufacturing principles has resulted in a highly refined production process that reduces labor and guarantees erection tolerances are achieved in the field.” Additionally, ConX moment frame structures are unique in that they can be designed for assembly and disassembly and repurposed multiple times into new or reconfigured structures.

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