Today in the DOT Fast Lane! Patrick Natale, Exec Dir. of ASCE, says it’s time to “Fix The Trust Fund”


When I go to Capitol Hill, too many Congressmen tell me they aren’t hearing from their constituents on infrastructure issues. I then ask, “But are they calling about losing their jobs? Or not being able to make ends meet?”

The Congressmen always reply, “Of course.” But these issues are not mutually exclusive. Federal funding for roads, bridges, and transit is set to go over a cliff by the end of August. If it does, projects will stop, jobs will be lost, prices will go up, and public safety will be jeopardized.

This week, the American Society of Civil Engineers launched—a new grassroots campaign for families and business, giving them the tools they need to motivate Congress and find a sustainable, long-term funding solution to America’s transportation funding crisis…

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Infographic from A.S.C.E. showing economic costs of US infrastructure deficiencies