Tom Ewing’s Environmental Update


* President Trump signed an Executive Order “Expediting Environmental Reviews and Approvals for High
Priority Infrastructure Projects.” The EO seeks “to streamline and expedite…all infrastructure projects, especially projects that are a high priority for the Nation.” Process isn’t quite clear. First, the Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) has 30 days to evaluate whether a forwarded project is, indeed, “high priority.” Then, CEQ will establish “in a manner consistent with law, expedited procedures and deadlines” for completing environmental reviews and approvals. Leadership will be held accountable if deadlines are missed.

* According to my notes Thursday, Feb. 9 will be one year since the Clean Power Plan was stayed by the US courts.

* Big gubmint: The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) seeks comment regarding potential modifications to its policies for evaluating oil pipeline indexed rate changes. The Commission also seeks comment regarding potential changes to FERC Form No. 6, page 700. Page 700, within one form? Uh… literally? And do you have to read the 1st 699 pages to make sense out of page 700…? A lot of work to move not one drop of oil.

Tom Ewing