Tom Ewing’s Environmental Update

*  Last week, U.S. DOE announced up to $42 million in project selections to support early-stage research and development (R&D) of innovative residential and commercial energy efficiency (EE) technologies for buildings, which use 75% of U.S. electricity and account for 40% of U.S. overall energy use.  A total of 46 research teams were selected as a result of three fiscal year 2018 funding opportunity announcements (FOAs).  Funds will go to projects in three major focus areas: (1) Buildings Energy Efficiency Frontiers & Innovation Technologies – 19 selections for $19.5 million; (2) Solid State Lighting – 11 selections for $11 million; and (3)Building America – 16 selections for $11.5 million.  This group includes “development and validation of high-performance residential envelope systems.”  
*  The ability to smell is critical for salmon which depend on scent to avoid predators, sniff out prey and find their way home when they return to spawn (and then die) in the streams where they hatched.  New research from NOAA Fisheries’ Northwest Fisheries Science Center and the University of Washington shows this powerful sense of smell might be in trouble as carbon emissions continue to be absorbed by the oceans. NOAA writes that ocean acidification is changing ocean water chemistry and lowering its pH. The study, in the journal Global Change Biology, is the first to show that ocean acidification affects coho salmons’ sense of smell. The study also investigates where in the sensory-neural system the ability to smell erodes for fish, and how that loss of smell changes behavior.  The researchers plan to look next at whether increased CO2 levels could affect other fish species in similar ways, or alter other senses in addition to smell.
*   The rapper Reg-U-L8 sent this in: The minions with dominion on Da Man’s opinions r back at it in the yard, hittin it hard, rootin out the lard from the pork-barrel.  Watch the projects, from li’l kidz to rockets, send your stuff to the dockets.  Keep your cash in your pockets.  Prez sez build the wall, my Grrl the Speak won’t turn the other cheek.  Now they both be hatin, should be negotiatin.  Gettin real, real toxic, dudes are gonna mock it, some peeps wanna Glock it.  Tryin to stay chill about playuhs on the Hill, gettin all they money spendin time with they honey, jus lookin funny to me.  Gotta spend it gotta spend it!  Can’t end it.  Dudes need to mend it.  One thing certain people is hurtin.  Three weeks until we get it, again.
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