Tom Ewing’s Regulatory Update

* Just Quit Thowin’ Crap in the Oceans Already: The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) seeks nominations of individuals to be considered for appointment to the Marine Debris Foundation Board of Directors. The Board will include 13 Directors, including the Under Secretary of Commerce for Oceans and Atmosphere. This new Board was established by the Save Our Seas Act, passed last December, which established the non-profit Marine Debris Foundation. NOAA wants people with expertise in the following: (1) The assessment, prevention, reduction, or removal of marine debris in the US and (2) outside the US; (3) ocean and coastal resource conservation science or policy; (4) international perspectives on marine debris, including expertise in trade  agreements, treaties, or foreign policy; and (5) fundraising and nonprofit management. Nominations are due by June 30.

* Energy Code Update: DOE announced availability of a Preliminary Energy Savings Analysis of the 2021 International Energy Conservation Code (Preliminary Analysis). This reflects work done on an updated “CABO Model Energy Code.” The update requires DOE to determine whether the revisions improve residential energy efficiency. If so, States are then required to certify their review and determine whether state codes need to change. [“CABO” – ? Not sure. Maybe “Council of American Building Officials..?” or “Canadian Association of Basketball Officials”…? Didn’t see the acronym expanded in the text.] This is important stuff. DOE’s Preliminary Analysis: of 35 proposed code changes directly impacting energy use, 29 resulted in a reduction of energy use, 6 changes were projected to increase energy use. DOE says the changes will result in $74.34 billion in energy cost savings and 435.43 MMT of avoided CO 2 emissions in residential buildings (cumulative 2010 through 2040), or $3.14 billion in annual energy cost savings and 18.38 MMT in annual avoided CO 2 emissions (annually by 2030). Comments are due by June 16.

* HFC Phasedown: EPA announced a proposed rule to “phasedown” hydrofluorocarbons and establish an “Allowance Allocation and Trading Program.” The program would establish HFC production and consumption baselines based on historical data; establish an allowance allocation program to phase down production and consumption; determine methodologies about how to do that; establish provisions for the international allowance transfer; establish requirements to support compliance with phase down; establish recordkeeping and reporting; release certain data to provide transparency and support implementation of the program; and, “address certain other elements related to the effective implementation of the American Innovation and Manufacturing Act.” That’s a lotta work. Maybe the 74-page Federal Register notice should have been longer. EPA wants comments by June 18. A virtual public hearing is scheduled in June.

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