Tom Ewing’s Regulatory Update

Gibberish quote of the week:“Demographic data should be collected and analyzed with a holistic vision, however ‘assessing equity’ requires having an internal, institutional compass to help us know where we want to get to. Data and analysis is meaningful, but vision and values set the table for how we use and interpret our analysis.”Emoji Massachusetts transportation agencies’ comments to DOT.”

* Advancing nuclear: DOE issued an RFI last week seeking information on planning and establishing a DOE HALEU Availability Program and to gather information to consider in preparing a report to Congress describing actions proposed to be carried out by DOE. This is an effort authorized by the Energy Act of 2020. HALEU = high-assay low enriched uranium for “civilian domestic research, development, demonstration, and commercial use.” This isn’t just a request for technical data. DOE’s move starts development of a HALEU Consortium. One question is: “What types of organizations should be included?” DOE seeks comments on a range of issues, from siting to energy justice to activities best suited for the private sector vs. the public sector. Comments and information are due by January 13, 2022.

* Need another Task Force? DOC’s International Trade Administration is seeking nominations for people to serve on a new Advisory Committee on Supply Chain Competitiveness. This Committee will advise the Secretary on “the necessary elements of a comprehensive policy approach to supply chain competitiveness.” A key focus will be global supply chain challenges and to identify bottlenecks and “actionable solutions,” including new technology and application. The Department seeks people with a track record of senior executive leadership on issues impacting the U.S. and global supply chains. The Committee’s formal start date was November 10 (its charter expires November 9 2023). DOC will accept nominations on an on-going basis, but immediate consideration will be given to applications received by December 29, 2021.  

* Remaking Everything: The President’s 9-page EO “Catalyzing Clean Energy Industries and Jobs Through Federal Sustainability” was in the FR last week. It posits that “the Federal Government faces broad exposure to the mounting risks and costs already posed by the climate crisis.” This is good, though, because that “crisis” can be leveraged into “a once-in-a-generation economic opportunity to create and sustain jobs, including well-paying union jobs,” among other things. (Kind of like the ability to take the engine out of your car and drive it at the same time.) Within 30 days agencies have to name a Chief Sustainability Officer; within 120 days OMB is to review and maybe redirect “implementing guidance.”CEQ gets six new “working groups:” 100 Percent 24/7 Carbon Pollution-Free Electricity; Zero-Emission Vehicle Fleets; Net-Zero Emissions Buildings; Net-Zero Emissions Procurement, including a Buy Clean Task Force; and Climate Adaptation and Resilience. Surely well-paying jobs. Not sure, though, if John Kerry and Gina McCarthy will be with the Steelworkers or the Teamsters.

Have a great Monday and a great Holiday Season!! Boss told me I could take a short break from wonderland. Hollah back atcha in January 2022!

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