TRIP Will Release New report On South Carolina Highway Transportation System

A new report from the The Road Information Program (TRIP), a national nonprofit transportation research group based in Washington, DC, that evaluates the current condition, use and funding of South Carolina’s highway transportation system will be released at a news conference at the South Carolina State House in Columbia at 10:30 a.m. on Wednesday, May 20.

The report, entitled “Future Mobility in South Carolina: Meeting the State’s Need for Safe and Efficient Mobility,” analyzes road and bridge conditions, traffic congestion, economic development, highway safety, and transportation funding in South Carolina. TRIP’s report contains lists of the most deteriorated sections of roadways, structurally deficient bridges and significantly congested roads in the state. The report will examine the impact of recent federal surface transportation funding in South Carolina and potential cuts in the state’s funding if Congress fails to approve a long-term surface transportation bill this year.

Carolyn Bonifas, TRIP’s associate director of Research and Communication, will present the findings of the report at the news conference. Local officials, Senator Larry Grooms (R), chairman of the South Carolina Senate Transportation Committee, Otis Rawl, president and CEO of the South Carolina Chamber of Commerce and Scott Fant, South Carolina Alliance To Fix Our Roads chairman, will be present for the presentation and to answer questions.

Greg Sitek

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