Volvo’s New EC250D and EC300D Excavators

Volvo’s New EC250D and EC300D Excavators

Volvo’s EC250D and EC300D new excavators are designed for tough job appllications and deliver up to 13 percent fuel efficiency. The new EC250D and EC300D excavators weigh 54,230 to 61,730 lbs and 66,140 to 73,630 lbs respectively. Both machines powered by Tier 4i certified Volvo D8H engines, delivering lower emissions and high fuel efficiency. These engines feature a waste-gate turbo, externally cooled exhaust gas re-circulation (EGR) and a combination of diesel oxygen catalyst (DOC) and diesel particulate filters (DPF) with partial fuel burner and active regeneration.  Maximum power is 202 hp for the EC250D and 227 hp for the EC300D — a 10 percent increase in overall power with up to 13 percent higher fuel efficiency.

From mass excavation and loading to utility and construction, these machines have the versatility and ability to cope with a wide range of tasks. Featuring Contronics, the advanced mode selection system, operators can choose from five working modes that best suit the application. This not only tailors the performance to jjob, it also optimizes fuel consumption. Operating modes include Idle, Fine, General, and Heavy. Performance can be further matched to the task by an attachment management system, which stores up to 18 different attachment presets. This allows hydraulic flow and pressure adjustments to be accurately set, according to the needs of the tool being used, at just the touch of a button.

Excavator features

Hydraulics. The hydraulics system features two variable displacement axial piston pumps. Independent and simultaneous movements of the digging equipment are controlled by an automatic sensing work mode. When only a single function is being used, the hydraulics system combines the flow of both pumps for quick cycle times and greater productivity. Swing speeds have increased 3 to 5 percent with 6 to 7 percent increases in swing torque over the C-series. It can also prioritize flow according to the work being done – e.g. to the boom for faster raising when loading or in deep excavations; to the arm during leveling or swing during large slewing angles.

The boom float frees up hydraulic flow by lowering using gravity only, and a Boom-Down/Arm-In/Bucket-In regeneration system diverts oil from the cylinder piston side to the cylinder rod side – resulting in faster, more efficient digging. Thanks to the optimized hydraulic piping and by introducing a new ECO mode, any losses in the hydraulic system are minimized, thanks to a smart electro-hydraulic control, allowing machine owners to get better fuel efficiency without loss of performance in most operating conditions.

Operator environment. Featuring Volvo’s Care Cab, these machines offer operators excellent visibility, ideally placed controls and monitors – and a quieter, safer and more comfortably spacious operator’s station. The cab on theses machines is ROPS protected and mounted on dampened cab mounts that minimize vibrations.

Undercarriage. The undercarriage is made from thick gauge, high strength tensile steel, the sprocket and top rollers are made from forged steel and are deep hardened for longer life and durability. Bottom rollers feature extreme pressure (EP) oil, reducing the oil temperature and ensuring consistent viscosity, even under heavy loads. Durable three-stage planetary gearboxes and automatic two-speed track motors are used, which provide improved performance over difficult or steep terrain with greater tractive force.

Boom and arm. Durable and heavily reinforced to withstand working with high impact materials, such as blasted rock, the boom arm is made from high tensile steel and robotically welded for severe applications. Wear strips welded to the arm also give added protection, while the linkage yoke features a support bar for additional strength.

Maintenance. Both the EC250D and EC300D feature easy maintenance. Grouped, ground level filters and service points are simpler and safer to access through the wide opening compartment doors. Checks are done quicker, further improving uptime. A reversible cooling fan, operated from the cab, helps to prevent radiators clogging and overheating problems developing. A service mode on the color monitor in the cab allows technicians to easily perform diagnostic checks. The monitor can also display the view from the rear-facing camera.

Support. These machines come standard with CareTrack, the Volvo Construction Equipment telematics system. CareTrack provides remote monitoring of machine information such as fuel consumption and service reminders that allow improved planning and operation. A comprehensive range of service plans are also available from the Volvo dedicated dealer network, ranging from routine wear inspections to full service agreements.

Model specifications

Model EC250D EC300D
Engine Volvo D8H Volvo D8H
Max. power @ 1,800 rpm 202 hp 227 hp
Max. lifting capacity along undercarriage (1.5m/6.0m) 21010 lb with

19′ 8″ boom / 9′ 9″ arm

23,960 lb with

20′ 4″ boom /10′ 0″ arm)

Max. digging reach 33′ 10″ with

19′ 8″ boom 9′ 9″ arm

35′ 3″ with

20′ 4″ boom /10′ 0″ arm

Max. digging depth 22′ 1″ with

19′ 8″ boom 9′ 9″ arm

24′ 1″ with

20′ 4″ boom / 10′ 0″ arm

Max. breakout force – bucket (Normal / Power boost) ISO6015 41,810 lb with

19′ 8″ boom /9′ 9″ arm

45,970 lb with

20′ 4″ boom 10′ 0″ arm

Max. Breakout force – arm (Normal / Power boost) ISO6015 28,890 lb with

19′ 8″ boom /9′ 9″ arm

32,960 lb with

20′ 4″ boom /10′ 0″ arm

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