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Why start a blog? A good reason is because you believe you have information that is worth sharing with others and blogging provides a way of sharing that information.

For the past 40 years I have been writing articles related to various facets of the construction industry and would like to continue doing this. Until recently I was attached to a publishing company and a family of regional magazines that have been serving the construction industry for over a hundred years. (…the magazines, not me.) The other day I was stunned, no, I was shocked when I was told that my position as Editorial Director and National Editor of these magazines was eliminated; that my services were no longer required.

Since this incident, I have had numerous phone calls asking me if the e-mails they received regarding my sudden leaving were true; that after 30 plus years I had decided to pursue other interests outside heavy construction; that I had decided to retire; that I had decided to do something else…

Everyone I talked to was as shocked as I was when they heard about my unexpected separation. All these people knew that I had no intentions of retiring, quitting, hanging up my mouse or pursuing outside interests.

Let ME set the record straight.

The decision for me to leave the ACPs was not mine nor was I asked if I was interested in taking an early retirement. I was not given a retirement package or an option to consider one but rather the standard company severance package.

My purpose in writing this is simply to let you know that I am not riding off into the sunset in pursuit of a different career or the development of other outside interests.

Hey, with all the new body parts I’ve had installed it would be foolish to let them sit idle and rust…

In the very near future I plan on launching a web site dedicated to the equipment management side of the construction market and also to its “Greening.” The two go hand in hand to a large degree.

My objectives will be to provide readers with industry news, current information on the latest in construction equipment, attachments, tools, applications and also how to change construction equipment from yellow to “Green” without changing colors…

Until then, I am going to use this blog to continue doing what I have been doing for so many years, sharing information.

Thank you for your support and encouragement. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it and how much it means to me.

Greg Sitek
Cell: 205 331-0318
E-mail: greg.sitek@comcast.net

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