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Voices from Las Vegas say that the first day of the show was a little on the thin side. This isn’t a surprise considering the fact that the economy hasn’t made much of an improvement. The good thing is that you can get a very economical flight to the “Land of Oz.”

The following manufacturers are on the agenda for Wednesday’s press conference schedule: ICS Blount Inc., Cart-Away, Concrete Sawing and Drilling Association, MK Diamond Products, Topcon, Hilti, Zoomlion-CIFA, Sage Software, Doka USA, Boldbuild, Lythic Solutions, Sky Climber and Husqvarna Construction Products. It will be a taxing day for the press corps covering the show but from what I hear the editors/reporters/writers won’t be faced with having to navigate through jam-packed aisles.

One of the press conferences scheduled for Wednesday is being hosted by Cart-Away, They are introducing a new approach in meeting your needs as a contractor. Before opening an operation and filling the shelves, then hoping that they guessed correctly, they are asking for customer input.

“We have not filled the shelves on purpose. Before we open a Cart-Away Supply store we want you to tell us what to stock on the shelves. Web technology allows us to ask you first and then act upon your suggestions, rather than force you to buy what we choose. What you are doing is the leading edge of construction supply management, and it will help us all.”

Although Andy Lewis, marketing manager for Compact Equipment,, is busy at the World of Concrete he took time out of his schedule to send me a link to the Compact Equipment website. He also sent a link to his blog, Growing Green, Tips And Tricks From One Landscaper To Another, His lead article, The Case For Investing In New Equipment — Greatest Payoff In Labor Savings, makes sense and is worth reading.

New equipment can make a difference in performance, production and profit… New machines are more fuel efficient, require less maintenance, have fewer daily inspection requirements, and are a lot more operator friendly. Keeping the operator happy is an important consideration, even when the economy is down. Keeping good people is always a bottom line plus.

Greg Sitek

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