300 Below Inc. announces new lab test results: Lab test shows 250% life gain in life of 300 Below brake rotors

Indianapolis, IN, (March 6, 2012) Today, at the NTEA work truck show inIndianapolis, 300 Below Inc. announced the results of its latest test data proving a 250% increase in rotor life. The new TruBlue and CryoRotor lines test results show a 249.5% improvement in the life of the rotor compared to standard brake rotors.

The testing was completed by Greening Testing Laboratories in Detroit Michigan. Greening is one of the nation’s leading brake testing facilities. Greening uses the GTL, wear cycle test, which was develop to measure brake wear and pad and rotor combinations. The driving cycle wear test proves the 249.5% increase in rotor life by using the cryo treated rotor. “We are excited to announce these outstanding results from the test data,” said Peter Paulin, CEO of 300 Below. “Our customers tell us that this is the case every day. Some of our customers are even reporting 511% in increase in the life of their rotors using our treatment process. Our new TruBlue severe duty rotors are the new industry leader for durability, reliability and safety,” Paulin added.

300 Below is the nation’s oldest and most progressive cryogenics Company. They are a green conservation company saving customers resources and solving issues. 300 Below is the founder of the commercial cryogenic processing industry has been in business continuously since 1966. Constantly involving from our origin in Detroit Michigan, we maintain facilities and Decatur Illinois because of its location in the metal of United States.

For more information contact Randy Prince, COO, 217-423-3070 rprince@300below.com

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