ACP Publisher’s Statement

A Clear Vision For The Future

ACP LogoAssociated Construction Publications (ACP) is back and with it, is our renewed commitment to the industry. The magazine you are reading dramatically emphasizes the fact that we have modernized the size and graphics to make your reading experience more beneficial. The essence of ACP is, as always, the people, projects and events that make our industry interesting and successful.

Your new associate publisher is responsible for making sure that we are delivering a quality product with information that will help you operate more profitably, especially in these challenging times.

More importantly, as a representative of ACP your publisher will be a resource to cover your events, large and small – to take the pictures – to tell your stories – to help celebrate your successes.

ACP is a family of 13 regional magazines. As a former owner of several of the ACP magazines, I seized the opportunity to become publisher of the entire group because I believe the industry needs a positive voice with the right focus. I was fortunate to learn this business from a couple of the best.

Two people in particular helped me understand ACP’s winning formula, Fred Johnston, publisher of Construction Digest, taught me that if you take care of your customer and your customer’s customer you will be successful. Fred served the industry with passion and energy for more than 50 years. We will operate with that simple but effective focus. Recently Fred passed away (, July 29, 2009, News Daily Dirt).

John Weatherhead, who ran the ACP association when separate independent-minded publishers owned the magazines, taught me that it takes a delicate balance to present the strength and uniqueness of each individual magazine as a unified group. We learned how valuable John was when he left ACP for a few years in the mid 90’s. ACP struggled in his absence. When he came back, he was able to work his magic and put us back on track. Even though John has retired from ACP, he is still active in the industry and the industry is better for it. Applying what I have learned from John, we will maintain that delicate balance that delivers the local strength and uniqueness in a unified group.

For more than 100 years, the ACP magazines have served our local construction markets, celebrating the successes that have produced a more productive, healthier and safer built environment for our country. Our focus will be on the rebuilding of our highways and bridges, the development of new infrastructure that will serve our communities with clean energy, clean water, and the expansion of alternative transportation initiatives such as light and high-speed rail. As we strive to improve our environment, the contractors who make it happen will be the subjects of the many interesting stories that we will tell.

We are very optimistic about the future of our industry and the opportunity to serve you. Be sure to send us your news and stories so we can showcase your accomplishments. This industry is about you, what and how you do the things that result in better highways, safer bridges and a greener environment.

We want to especially thank our advertisers who make this all possible. Please support them. It is in your best interest. They can make you more competitive and more profitable, and in this challenging economy that is very important.

In the future this page is reserved for the Site-K Construction Zone

Greg Sitek, an award-winning editor with more than 40 years of service to our industry. He will provide insight and commentary on national events and issues that impact our businesses. You won’t want to miss a single word.
John White, Publisher,
Associated Construction Publications (ACP)

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