AISI Publishes Code Of Standard Practice For Cold-Formed Steel Structural Framing, 2011 Edition

The American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI) has published AISI S202-11: Code of Standard Practice for ColdFormed Steel Structural Framing, 2011 Edition, it was announced today. The publication addresses trade practices for the design, fabrication and installation of cold-formed steel structural framing products. It is an update to the previous edition that was published in 2006 as a Practice Guide. Of significance, the 2011 edition has been approved by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) as an American National Standard (ANS) and incorporates the truss responsibilities that were previously published in Supplement 2 to the North American Standard for Cold-Formed Steel Framing – Truss Design, 2007 Edition. AISI S202-11 is available for downloading free of charge at AISI’s website (click here).

The publication is endorsed by the Association of the Wall and Ceiling Industry (AWCI), Structural Building Components Association (SBCA), Steel Framing Alliance (SFA), Steel Framing Industry Association (SFIA), and the Steel Stud Manufacturers Association (SSMA).

“Our objective in publishing the Code of Standard Practice is for it to serve as a state-of-the-art guide and a voluntary model for establishing contractual relationships on a construction project where cold-formed steel structural materials, components, or assemblies are used,” Jay Larson, P.E., F. ASCE, Managing Director of AISI’s Construction Technical Program, said. “It is not intended to take precedence over the contract, construction documents, or the use of good judgment. It’s a valuable reference tool for owners’ representatives, registered design professionals, contractors, suppliers, manufacturers, and others who work on such projects.”

AISI’s codes and standards work is conducted under the Construction Market Council of the Steel Market Development Institute (SMDI), a business unit of AISI, which oversees the industry’s investment in advancing the competitive use of steel by meeting the demands of the marketplace. For more information on SMDI’s Construction Market program, visit

AISI serves as the voice of the North American steel industry in the public policy arena and advances the case for steel in the marketplace as the preferred material of choice. AISI also plays a lead role in the development and application of new steels and steelmaking technology. AISI is comprised of 25 member companies, including integrated and electric furnace steelmakers, and 120 associate members who are suppliers to or customers of the steel industry. AISI’s member companies represent more than 80 percent of both U.S. and North American steel capacity. For more news about steel and its applications, view AISI’s Web site at

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