Arcosa Shoring Products Unveils New Remote Trench Safety Training Program, Online Registration Portal

Arcosa Shoring Products – one of the largest manufacturers of trench safety equipment – is now providing critical Trench Safety Training for all national and Canadian excavation construction personnel, remotely via Zoom. Additionally, a new online Registration Portal for training is now available

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires a “competent person” to be able to identify potential dangers of all excavation worksites as it relates to the OSHA Subpart P – Excavation standards and enforce the regulated trench safety best practices on all excavation projects.

Arcosa Shoring Products’ instructor-led Trench Safety Training course explains the duties and responsibilities of the competent person, as well as explores the many established trench safety best practices.

“It’s a proven fact, trench safety training saves lives,” said James McRay, Arcosa Shoring Products’ Trench Safety Training Coordinator. “However, this important training isn’t always readily available to contractors or municipalities who are performing the vital, but also potentially dangerous excavation construction or repair. Anyone working underground should look for a local trench safety training program, but if none is available, then we encourage them to take our online Competent Person Training.”

To make it easy to register for training classes, Arcosa Shoring Products has recently developed an online Registration Portal at Competent Person Training (CPT) is conducted every fourth Wednesday of the month; both remotely via Zoom, and in-person at the manufacturer’s training facility in Mason, Michigan.

Persons who complete the six to seven hour CPT course receive an instructor-signed “Competent Person Trained” wallet card, indicating the individual is qualified to serve as an employer’s competent person on any excavation job site. The course is $250 per person, and those who complete the class also receive a Certificate of Completion, “trench safety trained” hardhat sticker, and pocketbook of the OSHA excavation standards.

Arcosa Shoring Products also periodically offers a three-hour Trench Safety Awareness course. The $60 per person class is perfect for municipal DPWs or contractors who need employees aware of the dangers of excavation work and how to take proper safety precautions, but do not necessarily need that person to perform as their company’s competent person on an excavation job site. Those who do need to be qualified as a competent person should take the full-day course.

Arcosa Shoring Products is one of the largest trench protection equipment manufacturers in the country. The company operates its sales, marketing, and dealer network under their legacy brands: GME, Pro-Tec Equipment, and Efficiency Production. Arcosa Shoring Products is part of Arcosa Incorporated’s Construction Products Division.

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