Atlas Copco Adds To Hydraulic Combicutter Line With CC 6000

Atlas Copco recently added the new CC 6000vto its CombiCutter line.  The CC 6000 has the same features as the other CombiCutter models but is the heaviest with a service weight of 14,330 pounds and is designed for carrier units in the 127,870-pound to 187,390-pound class. The CC 6000 is ideal for heavy duty industrial, bridge and building demolition jobs.

“The Atlas Copco CC 6000 accommodates the market’s ongoing movement to use larger excavators for demolition,” said Kevin Loomis, product manager – hydraulic attachments.

The CC 600, available with either universal jaws (U) or steel cutting jaws (S), features two movable jaws with two main hydraulic cylinders, providing consistently high crushing force throughout the entire operating cycle. The combination of a single- and double-blade jaw arm provides maximum stability even under extreme loads.

A central main pin supports the CC 6000 cutter jaws. This pin not only provides additional stability, but also reduces the time needed to change the cutter jaws by up to 75 percent with Atlas Copco’s Coupling and Positioning System (CAPS). CAPS allow both cutter jaws to be fitted or removed as one unit, making it easier to change the jaws on site. The crushing teeth and cutter blades also can be quickly and easily turned around for additional use or replaced on site. All of these quick-change features save time and increase productivity.

“Our research suggests that about two-thirds of the operating cost of an attachment is incurred from operator cost, service and maintenance, and only one-third by the initial purchase,” added Loomis. “With the new CC 6000, we have greatly simplified the associated maintenance and reduced the required labor time.”

Technical Data

CC 6000 U                        CC 6000 S

Carrier unit class                                                           127,870-187,390 lbs.        127,870-187,390 lbs.

Service weight                                                                 14,330 pounds                    13,669 pounds

Cutting force                                                                     716 tons                               716 tons

Crushing force, front crushing tooth                         198 tons                               198 tons

Oil flow                                                                              119-145 gal/min.              119-145 gal/min.

Operating pressure                                                         5,076 psi                              5,076 psi

Jaw width                                                                         55 inches                              28 inches

Jaw depth                                                                         47 inches                             47 inches

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