Atlas Copco Gives Grout Projects A Firm Foundation

When foundation work has to be done in imperfect conditions, using grout to stabilize the ground can be a cost-effective solution. Atlas Copco’s Unigrout mixes, pumps and even records data from the grouting application while working in sensitive areas.

Unigrout is mounted on small, steel platforms and equipped with forklift slots. The Unigrout offers a high capacity, producing up to 13 cubic yards of grout per hour. A variable hydraulic piston pump feeds the grout pump, Pumpac, for easy independent control and setting of grout flow and pressure. Two hydraulic gear pumps feed Cemix and Cemag. This configuration assures efficient energy utilization and easy maintenance. The optional DOSAC control system provides flexibility and efficiency in grouting operations, which enables onsite mixing of grouts to match the conditions. As conditions alter, the mixture can be changed by the press of a button, and operating time is substantially reduced.

Unigrout is available with either electric or diesel all-hydraulic power packs. The optional computerized recording system, Logac, samples and stores flow, volume, pressure and pumping time from up to four lines at once

“Unigrout is versatile and has a low operating cost, so once contractors try it they’ll be satisfied with the results. We are excited about having this unique product in our portfolio. Unigrout gives Atlas Copco customers another great product in the ground and soil stabilization market,” said Bill Warfield, product manager, Ground Engineering Products, Atlas Copco Construction Mining Technique USA.

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