Bobcat Staff And Equipment Help Defend Fargo/Moorhead Community From Record Flooding

When I was watching the news the other day and saw the flooding in the Fargo, North Dakota area during blizzard like conditions, I immediately thought of the friends I have who work at Bobcat and live in this area of the country.

Bobcat has always been the kind of company that is committed to its industry and community as is evidenced by its involvement defending against flooding once again.

North Dakota, the home of Bobcat Company, is battling flood conditions in the west and central areas. The Fargo (ND)/Moorhead (MN) area, which is home to Bobcat’s world headquarters, is working 24 hours a day to fill more than 2 million sandbags and build extensive flood walls to protect the communities in anticipation of a record flood stage of the Red River this week. Bismarck and Gwinner and their neighboring communities, both homes to Bobcat factories, have been impacted in recent days by overland flooding, washed out roads and near blizzard conditions as well.

In response to the flood threat in the Fargo area, more than 100 Bobcat employees have volunteered around the clock to help fill and place sandbags, build flood walls along the water’s edges, provide meals and answer phones at the volunteer center. Bobcat’s donation of more than two dozen machines and 40 volunteer operators has accelerated National Guard efforts to more efficiently fill a portable floodwall system throughout the city. Management at Bobcat recognized a need for volunteers, especially operators, and encouraged all employees to leave their positions this week to help with the protection efforts.

Employees in Gwinner are ramping up volunteer efforts as well to support neighboring communities battling overland flooding and washed out roads. They are volunteering around Gwinner and in the Red River Valley, operating equipment, participating in sandbagging, and providing food and support to community members. In Bismarck, where the Missouri River has ice jams that have led to unexpected flooding in recent days, employees are offering assistance to community members and neighbors in sandbagging and evacuation efforts along the river.

Bobcat dealers around North Dakota are stepping up to help their communi- ties as well by supplying equipment and resources toward flood fighting. Bobcat equipment is highly visible in the Fargo Moorhead areas these days as well, as many customers are both working and volunteering their time and equipment to help protect the community.

Our prayers go out to everyone battling this terrible flood.

Greg Sitek

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