Cas the Carpenter Measures Up (and down and sideways) 

by  Jeff Winke  (Author), Carlos Lemos  (Illustrator)

Cas the Carpenter, with the help of Hernia the Helper, is asked to build a very cool hideaway fort under the dome of branches formed by a big, old weeping willow tree in the big backyard of Mr. & Mrs. Bigland for their son, Little Bert.

Does Cas measure up to the task at hand? Can he really build a top-secret, not so big, fort hidden in the big weeping willow tree in the big yard for the not so big, Little Bert? It is a big job… can Cas do it?

Find out. Fun read for kids 6 to 65. Great way to introduce kids of all ages, 6 to 65, to the skills needed too be a carpenter.

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