Case Introduces Alpha Series Compact Track Loaders

Case Construction Equipment recently launched the new Alpha Series line of compact track loaders, introducing three new models that deliver both horsepower and breakout force.

The new Case compact track loaders deliver 74 hp  in the TR270 and 90 hp  in both the TR320 and TV380. Rated operating capacities range from 2,700 lbs.  to 4,200 lbs. with a counterweight. The Alpha Series models also offer hinge-pin height, which positions the bucket higher to load trucks faster and easier.

“With the new Alpha Series compact track loaders, Case continues its reputation for power and productivity,” said Curtis Goettel, Case marketing manager. “Our new compact track loaders deliver exceptional bucket breakout force—up to 8,585 lbs. All three models provide superior horsepower, giving you the muscle to get the job done faster.”

Durable dozer-style undercarriage

As in the earlier 400 Series 3 models, the new Case compact track loaders feature a dozer-style undercarriage, engineered to hold fast on steep slopes and take command of muddy or sandy terrain.

The undercarriage has a rigid track frame with fewer moving parts, so it is more durable and easier to maintain than suspension track systems.

The Alpha Series includes two radial-lift models, the TR270 and TR320, and an all-new vertical-lift model, the TV380. The TV380 is a new class size to meet customer demand for a tracked version of the popular Case 465 skid steer. The radial lift machines (designated with an R in the model name), are engineered for digging, prying and pushing, while the vertical lift models (designated with a V), excel on lift-and-carry applications.

Comfortable cabs, larger fuel tanks

The new Case Alpha Series compact track loaders provide improved visibility, operator comfort, climate management and operator controls. To begin, the cabs are up to 25 percent larger — among the widest in the industry. They feature a revolutionary ultra-narrow wire side-screen design that improves operator visibility. Plus, the glass surface was increased to provide 360-degree visibility.

“Not only are the new Case compact track loader cabs 25 percent larger,” Goettel said, “but they also feature dozens of upgrades, including optional heated air-suspension seats, air conditioning, a removable door and side windows. These cabs are designed to keep operators comfortable throughout a long, hard workday.”

The Alpha Series cabs feature a new, improved climate management system. The sealed cab significantly reduces the amount of noise and dust. A new heating and air conditioning system creates a comfortable environment year-round.

“The extra-comfortable Case cab environment helps operators be more productive, which ultimately improves the bottom line,” Goettel noted.

Case compact track loaders now offer standard two-speed travel and electro-hydraulic (EH) switchable controls. “This is helpful when you have two or more people running an Alpha Series machine. Operators can easily switch to the control pattern they prefer,” Goettel said.

The Alpha Series models also feature larger fuel tanks. Coupled with improved fuel efficiency, the new 16- to 25.5-gallon (60.6 to 96.5 l) fuel tanks make it possible for Case compact track loaders to run for eight to 10 hours without refueling.

Easy maintenance

“Case is well known for easy-to-maintain and service equipment,” Goettel said. “The new Alpha Series compact track loaders are no exception.”

Easy access to filters and engine fluids simplify maintenance on the Case Alpha Series models. The regular maintenance points are grouped in one area so operators do not need to walk around the machine to find specific service points. Maintenance points, such as the radiator, fuel filter, battery terminals and engine oil fill are easy to find at the rear of the machine.

A removable side panel provides access to the engine oil filter and environmentally friendly drain. Additionally, the oil cooler and radiator tilt out for easy cleaning.

Choice of attachments adds versatility

Alpha Series compact track loaders offer extreme versatility in dozens of applications. More than 70 attachments are available, including augers, rakes, grapples, pallet forks, brooms, dozer blades and hammers, to take on the toughest construction, landscaping and agricultural jobs.

Compact track loader operators can see and operate the new Case Alpha Series equipment at more than 700 Case dealers in North America. For additional compact track loader product specifications, customer testimonials, competitive comparisons, finance offers and more, please visit

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