Catamount® Twist Tail® Cable Tie Enables Trimming Excess Tail Without Tools

The new Catamount® Twist Tail® Cable Tie from Thomas & Betts enables the installer to remove the tail end of the tie without the use of tools. The patented design allows the user to simply bend and twist off the tail after installation, leaving no sharp edges to scratch cables or hands.

The Catamount Twist Tail Cable Tie enables installers to remove the excess tail without tools,” said Rachelle Weiss, product manager for Thomas & Betts. “This can save time since the installer needs only to grasp the excess tail between his thumb and forefinger, bend it in the other direction and twist. Plus, it doesn’t leave sharp edges.”

Available in white or ultraviolet-resistant black 6.6 nylon, the Catamount Twist Tail Cable Tie provides 30 lbs. of minimum loop tensile strength, which is suitable for any light-duty cable tie application.

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