Chicago Pneumatic CPLT Light Towers Use Metal Halide Lamp Technology

Chicago Pneumatic CPLT Light Towers feature metal halide lamp technology. The technology is designed to be one of the most efficient ways of turning electrical energy into light, requiring less power while producing more light.

CPLT Light Towers feature four metal halide lamps of 1000 watts each, which are powered by a Kohler LDW1003 3-cylinder, 4-cycle, liquid-cooled Tier 4a diesel engine with a brushless generator. The light tower features a metallic enclosure with wide service doors, an electrical cubicle for control and protection, a mast that will extend vertically up to 31 feet and that can be rotated 360 degrees, stabilization legs, and an on-road undercarriage. The 30-gallon capacity fuel tank is expected to provide an approximate 30- to 35-hour run time before refilling.

The CPLT Light Tower weighs 1,800 pounds and collapses to 182- by 48- by 66-inches for transport. The trailer features MIG welded, unibody-style, and an oven­baked powder coating. The trailer is equipped with a standard two­inch ball-tow hitch.

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