City of Springfield, Illinois, Adds Terex® HyPower™ Trucks to Equipment Fleet

Terex Utilities is pleased to announce that DUECO, an authorized Terex Utilities distributor in 13 states headquartered in Waukesha, Wis., has sold four trucks equipped with the Terex® HyPower™ Hybrid System to the City of Springfield, Ill. The sale includes three Terex HRX55 Hi-Ranger overcenter, material handling aerial devices and one Terex TL50 Hi-Ranger telescopic, material handling aerial device. The Terex HyPower Hybrid System is designed to save fuel, reduce noise and increase efficiency, especially suited for the utility industry.

The HRX55 units have been in service since June, 2011, and have been used in electric distribution applications. The TL50 was recently delivered to Springfield and will be used in substation work. The new Terex HyPower trucks replace older units in the city’s fleet of utility trucks and are part of Springfield’s alternative energy initiative.

The Terex HyPower Hybrid is a plug-in hybrid PTO system which uses stored energy from the system’s rechargeable batteries to power the non-propulsion functions of the vehicle. The Terex system is designed to reduce, or even eliminate, the use of fuel for the work done while the vehicle is sitting still. By using plug-in electric hybrid technology to operate the boom and accessories, the Terex HyPower system reduces a whole range of pollution produced from diesel fuel and eliminates the noise from an idling engine normally used to run the hydraulic system.

The HyPower system recharges from the electrical grid using a standard 110V—15 AMP outlet. The system is simple and can be retrofitted onto existing vehicles, as well as durable enough to outlive its first vehicle and be used on another.

For more information about the Terex HyPower Hybrid System, please visit: For more information on the full line of Terex Utilities products or to find the nearest Terex Utilities equipment distributor, visit

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