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USC has once again proven its inability to complete a regular season the way it knows it should. Washington, 7 days removed from a 15 game loosing skid, handed the almighty Trojans their first loss of the season. But, more important is that it all but eliminated USC from the national washingtontitle race. This kind of game seems to cripple the Trojan’s championship aspirations every year. Whether its Oregon State in ’08, Stanford in ’07 or UCLA in ’06, USC has found an unexplainable unforeseen loss to a lesser Pac 10 opponent ruin their bid for a national championship game birth. This loss is eerily similar to their loss to Stanford in ’07. In 2006 USC beatuscStanford 42-0; as we all know USC lost at home the next year 23-24 to a Stanford squad that was 1-3 at the time and had gone 1-11 the year before.  Last year USC beat Washington 56-0. Washington was 1-1 and was coming off the worst season in school history with a 0-11 record.  The only difference, this time maybe the better team won. This wasn’t a case where USC started off lackluster and their opponent got off to a big start and just held on. Talent-wise there’s no comparison, but Washington looked like a better coached better prepared team, and that’s what its all about. Anybody can beat anybody on any given day. We all know that. But I wouldn’t put it past Washington to make a decent bowl game this year and maybe even make a run for a Pac 10 crown and Rose Bowl birth.

USC’s lack of a passing game is going to hurt them this year, they might still win the Pac 10, but it won’t be near as easy as previous years. Cal has the best shot at ending their streak (7 seasons) as Pac 10 champions or co-champions. Jahvid Best is simply the best. At least at running back. I’m rooting for him for the Heisman, and honestly he deserves it. Three 100 yard rushing games to start the season, and against Minnesota this weekend he dominated, like I said he would, and scored all of Cal’s 35 points on his way to tying the school record for touchdowns in a single game with five.

brigham_youngWOW, was I wrong about BYU. I honestly thought they were a real contender. I still can’t understand this weeflorida_statek’s game. BYU holds Oklahoma to 13 points and lets Florida State put up 58? I just don’t get it. BYU was exposed to the raw speed of FSU but Oklahoma has just as much, if not more speed. Whatever the reason, which I’ve deduced has to be a mental one, the Cougars couldn’t keep up and saw their BCS busting dreams dissolve before their eyes.

Lane Kiffin showed us maybe he can cut it in the SEC. I’m not 100% sold but as a long time Tampa Bay fan, I knew the Vols were getting the best of the best when Monte signed on with his son. I credit this as much as anything to the low scoring affair we saw in the swamp this Saturday. Florida’s faithful wanted complete domination. They did not get it. Monte, whether it’s the spread, pro style, west coast or wing T, continues to prove he can scheme for any offense anyone wants to throw his way. I let my disapproval of Lane Kiffin be known in my last post. But I have to admit he scares me. I mean, this guy gets what he wants. Ed Ogeron and Lance Thompson were two of the best recruiters in the nation, now they both work for him. I won’t be surprised in two years if they aren’t back challenging Urban Meyer for the SEC east again.

Three weeks in and two of the mighty have fallen. With no clear-cut number one, I know its still being conceded to Florida. I think voters should look elsewhere. I am, after all, mildly biased but look at the facts. Texas has beaten no one of note, and was at times rattled by Texas Tech, who is by no means the team they were last year. Florida beat Tennessee, barely; Penn State’s played no one, and neither have Ole Miss or LSU; Washington has some credibility so I’ll give LSU some kudos. Other than that, Miami and Alabama are the only top ten teams with quality wins.

miami_flMiami is for real again. I really like what Randy Shannon has put together down there, and from what I’ve seen I like Miami next week against VT and the following week vs. Oklahoma, barring any serious injuries. I don’t think they’ll go national title hunting just yet but I do see them winning the ACC crown for the first time. They’ll loose some shockers, late to lesser opponents. They are just too young. Sophomore QB, Jacory Harris has put together a Heisman-worthy first two games. He and his Miami Northwestern alumni have revamped Miami. It looks like they’ve finally gotten some of that swagger back. And, once again I’m left feeling threatened by the future. When all’s said and done, whether you like it or not Miami is BACK.

Alabama may have only played one marquee game, but it’s still more than can be said of anyone in front of them. The Tide had major questions on offense coming into this season. This season was viewed, by some, as a rebuilding year. Three weeks in, and all the questions I’ve had havealabama been answered emphatically. Greg McElroy can make all the throws and is more than just the game manager we thought he would be. Our offensive line stood up to VT and has dominated lesser opponents. With Julio Jones being active for only about 5 quarters thus far, Marquize Maze, Earl Alexander and Mike McCoy have stepped up big time as viable receiving threats. Our defense is among the best in the nation. I’m just excited the SEC comes to Tuscaloosa this upcoming weekend. The Razorbacks will show exactly where we stand in the SEC. I’m expecting big things. FLORIDA BEWARE.

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