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My take on the weekend’s college football activities…

The top 5 this year has had three constants Florida, Texas and Alabama. Seven others have rotated in and out of the other two spots. LSU andfloridaBoise State are the newest additions, but I’m not sure they’ll last too long either. Oklahoma fell as soon as Sam Bradford did; upstart Houston stunned Oklahoma State the next week. USC sputtered against lowly Washington, and this week Ole texasMiss and Penn State lost to underrated South Carolina and Iowa, respectively. Lets not forget #6 Cal’s pitiful display against Oregon, or #9 Miami’s lousy performance against #11 VT. If there were one word to describe this season so far, it’d have to be OVERRATED. Even the highly skilled college football analysts haven’t been able to get a grip on the teams and their capabilities, so far. I’m not sure there’s anything they could have done about it. Let’s face it every one of these teams are good, they’ve just been inconsistent. No one saw any of these upsets coming, except for BYU, Washington and everyone else doing the upsetting. And really, South Carolina was the only non-shocker.

Would it be too inappropriate to fill out the rest of the top 5 this week with blanks? LSU doesn’t deserve to be #4 in the nation, just as Ole Miss didn’t deserve to be last week. LSU won in a 30-24 squeaker against the downtrodden Mississippi State Bulldogs this weekend. Their only other conference win was in an uninspired performance against Vanderbilt. Boise State’s schedule is a joke and they’ll ride that Oregon win all the way to an undeserved BCS bowl. Houston and TCU will both loose at some point, and even though, they are better more deserving teams… we all know how the BCS works. The only two teams I think that deserve to be mentioned for the spots are Virginia Tech and Iowa. No other teams have proven themselves so far, as well as they have. I’m not saying I think they’ll finish there but as of right now no one else can stake any claim in the top 5, besides them. And yes, I realize VT has a loss, and LSU and Boise don’t, but if they’d started the year off against Alabama they would too.

Enough poll talk. There’s more pressing matters at hand. The amazing Tim Tebow, was injured this weekend, as I’m sure everyone knows. It’s

Dante Hightower, Alabama (Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images)
Dont'a Hightower, Alabama (Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images)

a shame he was concussed and missed a shot at boosting his stats in Florida’s rout of Kentucky. But I hardly consider this front-page news. I know already and I still don’t care. I’m tired of it, because other great players like Dont’a Hightower, Robert Griffin III, and Stephon Johnson are barely mentioned after suffering serious, season-ending injuries. Johnson, who was rushed to the ER after a weight bar fell on his throat, had emergency surgery and is not expected to play for USC again. His throat and larynx were crushed and the seven-hour surgery was a success. He still can’t speak but his voice is expected to come back. Hightower suffered an ACL tear after a low, legal, cut-block and is scheduled for surgery early this week. He is expected to be out for the season. Griffin, Baylor’s standout young QB, will also miss the rest of the season with a torn ACL suffered in their blowout victory over Northwestern State. I’d think America would agree these players deserve a little more than an

Stafon-Johnson, USC
Stafon-Johnson, USC

update marker running across the bottom of ESPN.

Oregon QB Jeremiah Masoli came in Saturday’s game with pitiful performances in his first three games with less than a 50% completion rate, no TDs and 2 interceptions. First year coach, Chip Kelly obviously saw something we didn’t. Regardless, I’m not sure anyone not wearing neon yellow and green expected the 253 yard three TD show he put on for us. I hope Jeff Tedford can keep his guys cool and collected after this embarrassing defeat. They’ll need some composure and some fight next week against USC.

Florida State might be the biggest enigma this college football season.  They’ve averaged 44 points against ranked opponents Miami and BYU, and unexplainably averaged 13 points against Football Championship Subdivision Jacksonville State and unranked USF. This defies explanation. I really think it’s time Bobby Bowden step down and quit chasing Paterno. Jimbo Fisher is in his prime coaching years and could more than handle the load Bowden has.

I might have been wrong about Miami (there still a good team), but I’m riding Bama all the way to the national championship. They have answered all the questions we had coming into the season. Their performance has been better than anticipated. McElroy is now third in the alabamanation in passer efficiency with 175.15 rating, only behind Hawaii’s Greg Alexander and Boise State’s Kellen Moore. Hightower will be sorely missed, but the fallout won’t be felt too hard. Freshman, 5 star recruit, Nico Johnson will likely fill in for now. Sophomore Jerrell Harris has been cleared to play by the NCAA for the South Carolina game, and will likely start over Johnson. Bama fans have a lot to look forward to.

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