CSDA Reports:Nearly 50 Percent Of Sawing And Drilling Contractors Experiencing Increased Productivity

In May of 2011, the Concrete Sawing & Drilling Association (CSDA) conducted an industry-first survey to provide an insight into how their members are faring in the first part of 2011 compared to the previous year. The results are very positive. Almost 50% of the contractors surveyed reported that they have experienced an increase in productivity in the past year. The main reasons given for this increase were a greater emphasis on training and better equipment, while close to 20% of contractors expanded their range of services to bring in new business.

None of the contractors surveyed reported any layoffs. The results show that one-third of contractors had increased their labor force by 10% or more, while the remaining respondents reported either a slight increase or a labor force that remained the same. Anticipated manpower requirements for the remainder of the year are also positive, with 62% of contractors looking to either recruit new employees or remain at the same level.

The results of the manufacturer member survey were also very upbeat. A healthy 43% of the companies surveyed had experienced an increase in demand for their products. An equal percentage stated that demand had remained about the same. Looking ahead to 2012, all of the manufacturers surveyed anticipate some growth in the sawing and drilling market, with 57% expecting an increase of 5-10%.

“The results of these latest CSDA surveys show us that there is an upturn in the sawing and drilling market,” said Patrick O’Brien, CSDA executive director. “Contractors are finding more work—whether it be traditional concrete cutting or new work created by adding services—and manufacturers are experiencing increased sales while maintaining a new-found optimism about the market.”

Of the two surveys conducted, one was tailored to sawing and drilling contractors and consisted of questions about operations and resources. The other was a set of questions sent to manufacturing companies, and focused on current and anticipated demand for their tools and equipment.

There is no such information currently collected from this niche market, therefore the introduction of these surveys provides a much-needed information base that is of value to the industry. CSDA is the only association representing the sawing and drilling professionals and so is uniquely qualified to provide this information.

For more information, contact the CSDA office at 727-577-5004 or email info@csda.org.

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