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PBS Documentary Blueprint America: Road To The Future Highlights Our Aging And Changing Infrastructure

Tonight on PBS a new documentary, Blueprint America: Road to the Future, will premiere that explores America’s “aging and changing infrastructure, examines the choices we can make as the country invests in its infrastructure and how they can affect the way we live.”

Whether it is talking to residents pushing sustainable development in the Bronx, smart growth in Denver, or a journalist in Portland whose beat is bicycling, Blueprint America: Road to the Future, an original documentary part of a PBS multi-platform series on the country’s infrastructure and its problems, finds a common theme: America’s love affair with the car may be a thing of the past. “We can’t pave our way out of this mess.”

Host and veteran correspondent Miles O’Brien goes to three very different American cities – Denver, New York and Portland, and their surrounding suburbs – to look at each as a microcosm of the challenges and possibilities the country faces as citizens, local and federal officials and planners struggle to manage a growing America with innovative transportation and sustainable land use policies.

The program heads to Washington for its last few minutes, where the question arises: Will the next transportation bill, due this year, favor highways or mass transit?

“This administration is thinking about transit, is thinking about high-speed rail (HSR), more than it’s ever been thought about before,” U.S. Department of Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood says.

Watch tonight at 8 pm ET on PBS.

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