Deere Responds To Customers’ Soil Challenges With New Construction Offset Disks

John Deere Construction & Forestry has introduced three new series of Frontier construction offset disks for its dozers and scraper tractors with heavy weight-per-blade ratios to help users cut deep into tough, compacted soil.

“Our customers told us about their heavy soil challenges and we’ve responded with three new series of construction offset disks that offer aggressive disking with 764 High-Speed Dozers, 750J Dozers and 9030 Series Scraper Special Tractors,” said Tom Elliott, product marketing manager for John Deere.

“The offset disks are heavy-duty, deep-cutting construction-grade tillage tools built for productivity, uptime and low daily operating costs,” he added. “These tow-behind units are perfect for a variety of applications, including preparing roadways, subdivisions and construction sites, performing dam work and general land clearing, and mixing and drying soil.”

The DH54C Series features five different widths ranging from 10 to 14 feet, and their heavy-duty steel blades feature 503 to 583 pounds of cutting force per blade to cut through soil. Standard notched disk blades are 30 inches in diameter, .5 inches thick and have 13-inch front and rear blade spacing.

The DH55C Series is available in four different widths, from 10 feet to 13 feet, 9 inches. Their robust steel blades can generate as much as 639 pounds of cutting force per blade.

The durable notched disk blades are .5 inches thick and 32 inches in diameter. Blade spacing is 14 inches front and rear.

The Frontier DH56C Series offers four different widths ranging from 10 feet to 14 feet, 6 inches, and up to 868 pounds of cutting force per blade to tackle hard soil. Durable .5-inch-thick notched blades are 36 inches in diameter and feature 17-inch front and rear blade spacing.

Each of the Frontier offset disks also feature simple gang angle adjustment that enables operators to adjust them quickly. Two separate control arms come standard; one is for transport leveling and the other is for leveling while the disk is on the ground, giving the operator the ability to select the working position for consistent cutting in each soil condition.

All construction offset disks are designed with adjustable disk blade scrapers that keep blades clean for better performance and increased productivity in wet and sticky soils. The Pintle hitch swivels fore and aft, as well as side-to-side, to prevent hitch binding in rolling terrain and other harsh conditions common to job sites.

Locking end washers help keep the end nut of the gang shaft tight during operation. Two gang nut wrenches are supplied with each disk to maintain torque on the gang shafts. Oil bath tapered roller bearings that are sealed with industrial-grade seals keep maintenance to a minimum and come complete with a wear plate.

In addition, multipurpose transport lights come standard and function as taillights, hazard lights and turning signals.

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