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MINNEAPOLIS, MN – March 22, 2011 –“Donaldson produced the first heavy-duty air cleaner nearly 100 years ago,” said Jay Ward, Senior Vice President of Engine Products at Donaldson Company. “Today we continue to drive innovation in the construction, aggregates and fluid power markets.  With industry-shaping solutions, our filters trap higher volumes of fine contaminant while maintaining flow, protecting critical components, extending service intervals and reducing downtime.

“It all starts with filter media,” continued Ward, “and Donaldson has pioneered many innovative media technologies – Synteq and Synteq XP for liquid filtration, and Ultra-Web® for air filtration, as examples – that allow engine and equipment manufacturers to focus on the function of their machines. With Donaldson, you can get it, and forget it.”

Donaldson is an engine filtration provider – from air intake to emissions, from crankcase to lube/fuel/coolant, even filtration of bulk fluids before they enter your vehicles.

A sampling of Donaldson’s hydraulic, engine air intake, engine liquid and bulk fluid filtration solutions were on display at 2011 CONEXPO/CON-AGG and IFPE Shows includes:

Donaldson Hydraulic Cartridges

Donaldson high-performance hydraulic cartridges reduce maintenance cost by extending filter life, resulting in longer service intervals.

SELECT Fuel with Synteq XP Media

Donaldson SELECT fuel filtration allows OEMs to create a custom filter assembly from a collection of qualified and ready-to-use components. This modular packaging system can be configured with advanced Synteq XP media technology to satisfy a variety of performance targets.  Synteq XP filter media, with its enhanced capability, gives Donaldson OEM Customers the flexibility to meet a wide range of efficiency and capacity requirements. OEMs can select which benefit is most desired for their specific application:

  • Higher efficiency for better engine protection, or
  • Extended filter life (up to 2 to 3 times that of traditional filter media)

Donaldson Bulk Fuel and Lube Filtration Technology

As fuel is transferred from the refinery by truck, stored for a period of time and then loaded again into another truck for delivery, contamination is often inadvertently introduced.  Additional storage or transfer to equipment for use risks further contamination. Donaldson bulk fuel and lube filtration solutions clean fluids by strategically placing filters throughout the transfer and storage processes, protecting engines and equipment by eliminating contamination before it’s pumped into vehicles.

Strata Cap Pre-Cleaner

Pre-cleaners expel dust and debris before it reaches your air cleaner – boosting air intake efficiency and extending air cleaner life, maintenance intervals, and engine life.  Donaldson Strata Cap is the highest efficiency self-contained pre-cleaner offered by Donaldson, expelling 96% of dust and debris before it reaches the air cleaner. Manufactured of lightweight, corrosion resistant materials, the Strata Cap is a 2-in-1 injection molded space-saving (above the hood) pre-cleaner and rain cap unit.

PowerCore® G2 Filtration Technology

Manufactured with Ultra-Web® nanofiber media, the small footprint of PowerCore G2 allows OEMs to achieve greater performance, while making it much easier to balance under hood space demands that are required by today’s increasingly complex engine technology.  For given filter life and efficiency targets, Donaldson PowerCore G2 configurations can result in a 30%reduction in size from the first generation.

Spiracle Filtration Systems with high-temperature Synteq XP Filter Media

Donaldson’s Spiracle Filtration System with Synteq XP media technology is designed to meet EPA and EU emissions requirements for off-road vehicles and equipment, which call for significant reductions in Particulate Matter (PM) from tailpipe and crankcase blow-by, plus reduced NOx levels. It also responds to OEM requirements for higher efficiency, higher operating temperature ranges and longer service life.

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